Cpls to Sgt Board results

and............... were you?
Congratulations to all those that deserved it...

Looking at some of the names on the list there are quite a few surprises.. A few names missing that i thought would have come off also, The bar should be interesting, You know who you are...

I am talking about the CMT board results before you all start going off on one..

Starting this thread - cost 1 Crate

Altruistically congratulating the successful - cost 1 Crate

coming off the board - f**king priceless

Congratulations, well deserved.

name and shame 'em and get to the bar!
Nick! or as we called him in NI, 'Johnnny Crap Neighbour'! well done all.
Sluicey get your arrse to the P&P!
just a tech groupie

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