Cpls night

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. Our new officers have decided that us jnco's have to earn our pay , for a start they have decreed one parade night a "Cpls night"

    Us jnco's being lazy are completly stumped for a topic

    Anyone out there any bright ideas , games night and piss ups already ruled out :(
  2. Regimental History night???
  3. Unarmed combat? Come on, you Cpls are usually vicious bast*rds! :wink:
  4. why not have a "mess dinner" as potentially you are all on the rung ready to get there, it can be quite daunting getting to your 1st mess night, especially as MR Vice.
    I know not a very original idea, but some Cpl's never get the chance until they are promoted and it can get heavy in the extra's department :wink:
  5. How about Cock Jousting or Naked milling!!
  6. Excellent idea, makes a change for an officer in ur unit to suggest something that doesn't involve beer.

    Doesn't he want you to run the training you think should be done :?:
    I.e. no f'ing maintenance
  7. Mil Skills round-robin round the building/grounds I stand per Cpl
    1 Skill at arms(speed strip/assemble)
    2 Sigs(BATCO/Tune a 349)
    3 MT(Change a LR wheel)
    4 Recognition(AFV)
    5 Regt History Quiz
    6 Anything quick simple and easy-keep the groups(3-4 pers) flowing round
    7 Insist the officers take part

    Takes a bit of work but can be done,the Drill night will flash by or alternately have a p1ss-up :lol:
  8. polar69's crowd wouldn't be able to do that ... he's signals
  9. 349 whats that ? :oops:

    Round robin sounds like a good plan
  10. Round robins are always good aslong as you have good stand i/c's and a good number turn up ?
  11. Maybe he wouldn't have time for a round robin but could make a quiz night (afv and general ptarmigan knowledge?), but split into rank groups. Always gives the juniors a boost when they beat a higher rank group.
  12. Try asking the toms what type of training they would like to do. If you can't teach it yourself try and find someone who can. There are plenty of people with weird and wonderful courses under their belts.

    If you are Signals for instance, get the local Infantry PSI to do a lesson on GPMG(SF) or something. If you are Infantry get a local Artillery unit to show you their kit. You get the idea. It may take a lot of effort but if you have a good PSI then it shouldn't cause too many problems and the result will be well worth it. Even dragging the 9 millys out could be a welcome change :D
  13. polar69, your unit has done this in the past (borrowed 81mm mortars from EWRR), plus you've still got trained MILAN instructors within your unit.

    Alternatively you could ask you neighbouring Signal Regiment to do a presentation on some of their equipment (with maybe a social afterwards), yours has demo'd its kit to them.
  14. A couple of years back we did a Jap Slapping night which was really good. Might have a bit of trouble getting a instructor though.
  15. Having a few beers afterwards is an excellent idea. If another units PSI has come along for a lesson then so much the better. Let him have a free night in the bar and you can bet they will want to come back again. Who wouldn't. All it takes is a bit of ABI :D