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Which service would you prefer?

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Greetings all

I would appreciate some assistance if you can spare the time.
I am still serving and coming back to the UK shortly, once back I intend to start up a small business venture doing mobile portraiture.

I have plenty of experience doing mess functions here in Germany, however from what I hear things are done a bit differently in the UK.
So, my questions

1. How much did you pay for your last function photo, and what size was it (most are 7x5, 8x6, 9x6 or 10x8)?

2. Did you pay cash on the night or did it go on your mess bill?

3. Was the photo printed on the night or did you have to wait for it (and how long)?

Thanks for your time; this should help me to tailor my business plan
Goes on mess bill and get it delivered don't want to lug a photo round and ideally it will be a levy night so no need to even bring a wallet that could be lost in a drunken haze.
Pay on the night has proved the most popular in recent functions. The photographer prints it out there and then. If people are to pissed to look after it he keeps it (along with the money) and gives it to the PMC/PEC a few days later where it can be handed out at the next mess meeting.
Its normally 10 Euros a print (cheaper if its a group photo and everyone wants one).
Putting it on mess bills seem to lead to massive arguments at later mess meetings, with the mess eventully honouring the money but the individual not wanting the photos. Get the cash upfront and there are no arguments later on down the line.
Our last Mess function was £150 for the photographer for 2 hours who then sent a DVD with all the images on to the PMC. Mess members could then print their own picture.
Geo, where was that? sounds like your mess got a bargain- I certainly wouldn't entertain that, unless your mess is very small??

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