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im serving at dst at the moment and everyone in the cpls club has been told that if club bills are not paid on time the we could get extras or agai 67 action on us, is this legal?
Instead of asking if a penalty for not paying your bills and going in to debt is legal or not....

How about paying your debts?

Many people manage to pay debts, on time, and therefore do not incurr penalties.

Ask if you can set up a Direct Debit, so you will never slip into debt, that is what I do. All my outgoings go on the 7th of the month, no dramas.
More to the point why should you not get AGAI'd if you have not paid up, plenty of people do pay on time so why should the others get away with it?

And I am sure you knwo as well as anyone else people who don't pay the MOD money or try and evade tax etc usually get the book thrown at them!


I think if you are not paying your debts you could be charged and go in front of your CO, thereby receiving a Regimental Entry. Summary Dealing would be an entirely reasonable manner of dealing with an NCO who refuses to pay his debts to a military institution that it is a privilege (and not a right) to be part of.

I think you will find that in Queen's Regulations officers who do not pay their Mess bills within 14 days of them being presented can be cashiered (i.e. discharged from the Army).

Like the previous posters, I think you should just pay your debts and take full responsibility for your own actions.

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