cpl victor meldrew.

Supertramp said:
Probably a technician. Smile
whytry said:
ps................im not a tech , hence the bad spgelling and bitterness
Hmmm lets play guess Whytry's trade then

I'll have the first go

whytry said:
i joined in 91 as dvr line ,
about 5 years ago i was told it was scraped , and then became a dvr..now i here 11sr do dvr line classs 3 courses...so the answer is even drivers/linemen/vfwehivbew ...
See goes to prove not all the daft posts come from Techs :lol:
What I can't believe, is that there is this very own thread, to my very own husband!

How did you know he was a Cpl?
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