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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by sigs-rule, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. I see the board results are out today congrats to those promoted.

    however, i would ask that the OC 668 Sqn returns to this planet when writing CR's

    Ag*$w to Sgt???? WTF cant even pass a PFT, but has excellent fitness :x
  2. is he LE?
  3. Thats a bit close to the bone, do I detect some jealousy. He must be good at something
  4. Not LE , very good at "yes sir"

    im not arsed for myself , im pissed off for others that did deserve it
  5. Can you remember the results of the last few boards?

    You have tried to 'hide' the name of the person you refer to but not very well. Hang your head in shame, you obviously have not said anything to his face. Try a smaller knife next time you want to stab one of your own in the back.

    I do not wish to start slinging mud but have a good look around you, there are soldiers within your surroundings who dont exactly fit the bill, but due to their LE status, they have slipped through the net (and we are not talking about a serious injury or illness here are we?). In addition to this, I remember a certain NCO being very lucky with the AGAI system.

    Now, before you start slagging off those that have been fortunate to have the chicken bones land in the correct formation at mcm div, have a look at those who you think deserve it.

    I agree that a.n other should have grabbed the third banana, but he certainly wasnt a signaller.
  6. f*ck off glue head. he is a fat little man with no spinal fluid. Pilsbury dough boy f*cker!
  7. I now stand corrected.

    thankyou for putting me straight back_passage.

    its good to see that your first post was an emotive one :wink:
  8. cheeky monkey.

    I know where you live
  9. nothing new here i can think over many other more deserving candidates than you know who!! But remember "its all in the best interests of the corps" NOT!! Sorry but how can promoting a clip board skiver be in the best interests of any body.

    Keep smiling, stiff upper lip and all that, the shadow board is just around the corner!! some other less deserving job/tour dodger could beat you to it again.
  10. There is nothing wrong with "Yes Sir".

    Don't you like the people you work with? Prick.
  11. I know where you both live.......
  12. well, theres a shock. fancy that!