Cpl to Sgt Promotion board 2009

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Postmanpat11, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Undoubtably, as a result of the new VEng, it appears that most Cpls in the Postal and Courier trade and probably other trades are treading water when it comes to promotion.

    Whilst the senior ranks reap the rewards of extended service and perhaps 'climb the ladder' further, we Cpls and perhaps other ranks have to suffer as a consequence.

    If the Army is trying to retain their soldiers, it seems the methods of VEng could backfire with ranks not being satisfied with the rate of promotion and ultimately be forced to leave the service for a better job.

    I, personally have been reccommended for promotion twice now and have not picked up. The last time was just the other day. I had an SJAR which was an A- and featured sublurbatives of 'outstanding' all over it. Yet, still I have not been promoted.

    Have all of my efforts been made in vein and am I fighting a loosing battle?
  2. Does anyone have anything to say on this?
  3. Not really. But I've got a hanky. Sounds like you need it.

    Alternatively you could speak to some of my 23 year old Sergeants and they will tell you how to best get along!
  4. twice.... blimey mate look at 4 times and u can then complain... I waited 6 years until i made it and i know plenty who waited a lot longer.....
  5. Postman Pat,

    With 'sublurbatives of outstanding' how could you fail.

    Veng hasn't removed promotion it has just extended the time in each rank.

    If your trade has taken on Veng Long then you will have a well paid career for up to 37 years. Even you could make Sgt in that time. Just think what another 25 recomendations could do for you.

    If your trade has taken on Veng full then in effect the sausage factory has slowed down for the average soldier by 2 years, but you all get the 2 years so it's just a matter of re-adjusting your goal times.

    You also need to read your report thoroughly and make an accurate assessment of what it actually says.

    I'll leave you with 2 thoughts:

    1. The cream always rises to the top (eventually).
    2. You can't always judge people solely on the badge they wear.

    Good luck!
  6. Pat

    1. This last SJAR wouldn't have gone to the board

    2. I think you may find that because of a shortage of B1 in the PC CEG is why less are being promoted as there are OCP slots to fill without enough qualified Toms... if all else fails carry on blaming the late transferees...
  7. i was assured that by my oc that this last sjar would make the board...whats the cut off date?
  8. Your SJAR should have been in at the APC for 01 Apr, before your Board sat in May. Once your SJAR has been finalised at the APC you should have received a copy back into your workflow on JPA. Did you get this? Otherwise you would have been boarded with your 2008 report if qualified etc. Boards work on vacancies, not on how many recommendations you receive. As previously stated, VENG will increase the number of personnel in the rank above you - a domino effect. The numbers promoted to WO2 is dictated by the number of WO1s commissioned, leave the service etc. VENG will have a knock on effect of keeping those lower down in rank longer - potentially. Have you had or request an FCR - a Formal Career Review?
  9. the RE board was really small this year VEng starting to kick in now.

    thank feck i have only a few months left, roll on oct.
  10. Whilst treading water waiting for promotion you could spend your time totalling up the amount of money you have received in retention bonuses over the years. These would be the same retention bonuses that us old and bold seniors didn't get - swings and roundabouts!