Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Budman, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. On browsing the board results i notice note 5 is subject to withdrawal of notice to terminate. Since when did this become the norm? 5 of them,i bet it does wonders for the morale of those who didn't come off and hadn't played the i'm leaving card.
  2. What on earth are you on about? Note 5 does not appear against any of the individuals selected for promotion. Of course it appeasr at the bottom as a footnote in case any of those selected fall into that category, none of them do in this case!!!!!

    RTFQ mate!
  3. It does on armynet.
  4. Oh well another year or is it worth doing this crap for another year?????? AS BM said how does that make the ones who stayed in feel knowing 5 had terminated???? Will they sign on or what??????????

    What was the ratio of Feds to GPD this year?

    Yet again our board do justice to the workers!
  5. Well it doesn't on MS Web, that being the Manning & Records website, how bizarre. Not that I really care anyhow, I never was going to feature on this board. :roll:
  6. yup, on the boards sent out to units there are 5 pax that have signed off...... disgraceful (and what a waste of 5 promotions)
  7. Well, you never know, one or two of them might actually go through with leaving, if they have firm job offers. If it turns out that the others simply played the ticket to get a decent write up then shame on them. Nothing like a bit of integrity, and that is nothing like integrity!
  8. B_AND_T

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  10. So it is disgraceful to pre-select a person who has signed off? What is your suggestion then, pre-select someone who hasn't performed as well during the preceeding 12 months? Maybe, if you worked hard instead of whinging about board results your name may appear there one day.
  11. Hear Hear DT,

    Believe it or not folks (and to those who are 'honking off' at their failure to pre-select this year), we do have quality JNCOs who have given notice yet remain focused and produced the goods and then some. Because an NCO has given notice to terminate DO NOT automatically assume they have taken their foot off the gas!

    In today's modern Army, we are all about retention and if someone has given their notice and then pre-selects - well done (for remaining motivated etc). If this is the incentive to retain quality NCOs who we would be set to lose, so be it. Generally those who 'honk' about others are usually not the aforementioned quality and perhaps they should be loking for alternative employment.

    Interesting thought.......... with the 12/24 years (initial) VEng career in place, I feel we may see less 'honking' as the 'Hard Done By/Passed Over' crew are shown the door at the 12 year point!
  12. Feds results not out yet due mid of this month i am led to believe not that i am waiting i will add
  13. I am though
  14. You'll be reet.

    Get round mine sometime soon, the barbeque (oven) is good to go.
  15. I'll throw you a message on FB mate.

    Still waiting...