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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by ritchie, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. Has anybody got a clue as to why the Fullscrew - SGT board has been moved from 05th May ( next week) to the 21 july. Especially as peoples redundancy decisions could depend on the outcome
  2. I think that moving board results are going to be the flavour of the year. The Sgt-SSgt board results were released a week early, I at the time assumed that this was because of the redundancy boards; that I also assumed would fall out of the release of the Formal Career Reviews etc.

    It would be interesting to hear from someone either at APC, or someone involved in the boards (not that they'd comment) to give their point of view.
  3. spoke to glasgow this morning and they have confirmed the dates have changed due to impending redundancy boards, little hope for people in the brackets then
  4. so its 5th of may or 21st july??
  5. it is now 21st july
  6. If you don't come off, you're out. So I heard.
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  7. Tidy, how much will I get?
  8. That which you are worth...

  9. Lack of decent candidates?
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  10. £4.28 sod it I'll grizz it out until the end lol
  11. Has anybody got a definitive answer on this yet? Seems my unit know the results already so what is the reason behind not publishing them until July 21st now?
  12. i was informed today by an OC that the board is being released on thursday?? can anyone confirm or quash this?
  13. That's usually how it goes. Results out the first Thursday of the month
  14. y does armynet show july 21st??
  15. Results out on 21 July. Due entirely to redundancy boards. Results need to take into account those who have volunteered and those who have been selected (non-volunteers) for redundancy. For the unit who have released results - entirely illegal and pray you don't get found out as the source in APC will be disciplined as will unit staff. And yes, I do work in APC and sat on said boards.