Cpl-Sgts Board Predictions

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by conco, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Anyone want to start a book on the Cpl-Sgts Board :? It would have to be someone who gets paid more than a Cpl!!!!! :twisted:

    If you would like to start it remember you must put odds on the following 8O

    a. How many slots to be filled!
    b How many are promoted in GPD!
    c. How many are promoted in SIB!
    d. How many slots they didn’t fill because of VVVVVVVVVVVEng!
    e. How many slots are still filled by Black economy! :D :D :D
  2. Hopefully they'll scrape the barrel for the SIB merit board, i might be in with a chance lol
  3. Can the SPS or AWS play this game, or are they not allowed? This being the RMP thread and all that.

    Just a question.
  4. Clerks and Bleeding hearts ? Why?
    Surely your waiting for the big badge board by now Dale :D
  5. Not a chance - I'm waiting for the "Big Fat Pay a Shite Load of Your Mortgage" thing to come along. It won't be long, and then I get to eat choclit all day and swing off lampshades and sit on sandbags - just without the danger!
  6. Can't knock that, Nora Batty snail ................ got a ring to it :)
  7. I predict that in Cpls messes around the land it will be discussed how everybody who gets promoted is Sh1te!!! and every fat 18 year Cpl in the unit who was passed over was robbed.

    The truth is those who get it generally deserve it, but there are others who don't get promoted who are just as good.

    Try not to judge a man solely by the badge he wears and the army suddenly makes a lot more sense.

    Like every board, the wash up is priceless.

    Good luck to all involved.
  8. When are the results out. Is it the 5th June 08?
  9. No middle of june you will have to keep waiting
  10. Best piece of advice I ever got whilst serving was from Daz b*t* who told me to always be on the look out for the fat, 5 year Corporal who thinks he know it all. Funnilly enough there is at least one of them in every unit...
  11. Just one?
  12. At least one!! Probably quite a few will pick up on this board....
  13. Then it gets to the fat Sgt and so on..... When I was in, the wash up was on a par with the pre board hustings. Shall I shout louder than er... you this week? Who will/can hear me now?
  14. Don't they still have priority for 'shirkers'? back in the stoneage the guaranteed routes to Sgt were: Depot Instructor, OC/COs driver, Clerks (the bottom of the Corps) and CP. What are the back door routes now?