Cpl - Sgt Tech Promotion

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by metrode, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know when the Tech Cpl-Sgt board results are getting published?
  2. Tomorrow.
  3. I've heard that if you are a class 1, been in more than 4 years, then you've got it.
  4. Apparently not, training wing bloke in a hot spic land.

    Five years from class 3 qualification, recommended etc etc and all that good sh1te.

    Still a bunch of cnuts though.
  5. Agreed Geordie.

    You obvisouly know me.

    Do I know you?

    If so PM me.
  6. ID card still wet - well you qualified- welcome to the Sgts Mess- nig!
  7. Yeah, and get that bell rung!
  8. Oh dear! 12 promotions. not good!
  9. does anyone have a list of names they can PM me as i dont get the results here and am interested in knowing who the lucky folk were
  10. Our Adj doesn't even have it!
  11. My mistake. 15 promos!

    Lofty301 Did you get the results or do you still want them?
  12. I wouldn't mind a quick perusal, if you wouldn't mind pubscarecrow, just names will do if you don't feel like sending anything else.

    WRT to tech promotion, it is no longer time promotion and those that have come off the QAB can quite honestly say they have earnt their 3rd stripe.

    There must be something in the region of 300+ class 1 Cpls out there to pick from.

    And the following is definitly bollox.

    Congratulations to those 15, you have come off what has now become one of the most competitive boards in the Corps'.
  13. Surely that can't be right? How many go through the Class 1 each year and surely the QAB has only been in existence for 2 years or so?

    Congratulations to all those successful. I wonder if the paucity of successful full-screws on the board was to do with either:

    a) Pure numbers qualified by time and CLM
    b) Vacancies - not sure if many LSNs have been cut due to FAS?
    c) An irregular hike in the "quality line" set by the president of the board/SOinC/MCM Div
    d) A deliberate over-copmpensation for the pending trade realignment

    I suppose it's all supply and demand at the end of the day and any combination of those three factors.

    Can anyone tell me the list of names by PM pse? I'm specifically looking for one guy with the initials MS.
  14. Yep - Only 15 - Pretty pooh.

    Pub Scarecrow - You smell of dog toffee!
  15. Hey all,

    Could some 1 PM me with the results of the QAB would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.