Cpl-Sgt Promotion Board 08

Discussion in 'RLC' started by kjokkenjokken, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. I am currently serving in the largest Garrison in the UK and not one of the 40 Cpl's in my trade were selected for promotion. At my unit alone there were 3 guys with extremely strong recommendations, all with an Op tour under their belt in the past 12 months. I put it down to a very weak Pt 3 on the CR completed by a SO3 that has signed off and the fact that no grading board was held within the Garrison for this CEG.

    Also one of the individuals was never boarded as his records stated that he was still acting, although his CR clearly stated otherwise, this guy has been told he will go forward to a review board.

    Does anyone know how often review boards are held, as I was recently told it is not uncommon for CR cockups to result in review boards being held monthly.

  2. A month after the original board.
  3. 1. Obviously 40 unpromoted Cpls did not have good enough CRs.

    2. 3 Guys extremely strong recommendations (sic) - with all the overgrading on CRs, the good ones get lost amongst the weeds

    3. Review boards are not uncommon, mistakes are made, everyone is human but at least nowadays they accept this and hold the boards.
  4. Or maybe a mistake on JPA didnt transmit 80+ names to the board!!! But if that had happened they wouldnt want you to know would they!!
  5. Review Boards are roughly held monthly - catch up with late reports etc
  6. fair one mate i was on that board and didnt get it either there is always next year