Cpl - Sgt Pay Scales

I have been selected for promotion to Sgt and will be in post from 1 Sep 08.

My question's are -

Currently I am a Band 5 of 7 Cpl on the high band (RE). Which Band will I enter in to on the Sgt's Pay Scale (1 or 2)?

Is there a minimin percentage my wages must go up by when i am promoted?

I am trying to figure out how much i can now send to my Greman and UK Bank Accounts.

Many Thanks

At a guess, you will probably go to level 2. Almost certainly if you were level 6 or 7 you would be going to 2 or 3, but I don´t know without checking.

As said above, take your current pay, add 2%. If the new figure is above level 1 pay but below level 2 pay for Sgt, then you get Level 2.

Should it be higher than level 2, then you may be on for level 3.

I assume your nickname gives away your trade! - In which case you will currently be on £30341.04 PA, you will start on Sgt higher level 1 - £31239.24 PA.

Is what i thought.

Wasn't sure if it was 2% or 5% minimum. Wishfull thinking maybe.

Thanks for the help guys


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