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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Well done to all the Lads and Lasses that picked up on todays promotion board, some good Soldiers on that list (And some interesting ones :? )
    That'll be you lot ringing the bell today!
  2. Looked a bit small !
  3. NO NO NO not him anyone but him
  4. The board is a little small this year. In the past if someone was to PVR now, he would be replaced by someone from the board that has just sat. However, the policy has recently changed and a gap appearing now, will be replaced by someone found from the 2006 board as the life of that board's merit list is 1 Oct 06 - 30 Sep 07. This relatively recent policy change has made the announcement made this morning smaller. It has also made the likelihood of supplementary promotions more likely. I think it is likely that someone missing this board by a small margin will get lucky in 9-12 months time.

    The points needed to get promoted this year were extremely high and there were some top quality Cpls just missing out.
  5. do you know what the points needed were?
  6. I do not have access to the details here as I am at home. But the points varied quite considerably dependant on trade. Pioneer was the highest at 40 pt (only 2 promoted), Chef 37 pt and Driver and Supplier at 35, if I recall correctly. Others were in that order but with Mov Con and AT closer to 30 pt. I felt particularly sorry for the Pioneers and Chefs - some top guys (edit - and girls) missed out be small margins.
  7. nice to see all the other arms have released their boards on the armynet.

    come on the RLC hurry up and get it online.
  8. nice to see all the other arms have released their boards on the armynet.

    come on the RLC hurry up and get it online.
  9. If you are after the Cpl - Sgt board results they can be found under the Centralised Soldier Promotion Board Results and have been there since 1030hrs this morning.

  10. Go onto ArmyNet and open the "Centralised Soldier Promotion Board Results"

    This is a spreadsheet of all the Promotion Boards by cap badge.

    Edited for mong spelling
  11. Must be an echo lol

  12. FL

    You obviously have quicker typing fingers lol
  13. Well done to all who were picked up. :party:

    With regard to ArmyNet, I note that they still cannot get the page title right for RLC Promotions!

    Royal Logistics Corps! 8O


    If I'd been given a quid for every time I'd seen some prick chuck an 'S' on the arrse end of 'Logistic' (When used directly in the name of the RLC.) I'd be a very wealthy man

    C'mon ArmyNet, get a grip! :roll:
  14. why are'nt the unit title's visible anymore?
  15. Still not posted on the Armynet, Jesus how long does it take em?