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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by whytry, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. does anyone know when the cpl-sgt board sits? and when results are released .
  2. very kind , had looked b4..they are 2004 boards...its all changing this year to bring the whole of the army into line.
  3. look carefully, it has the 2005 boards as well
  4. VERY TRUE DUC .. THEY ARE ....... many thanks....safe rideing ....
  5. The "Demotion" boards are a new feature of military life. Its one of Buffhoons projects, which led into various work streams, designed to heighten efficency, and minimise outlay. The result of which was that each WO1 will be issued with a large bat, and all of them will be herded into hanger one at elmpt and the last 10 standing are comissioned. Those semi concious get demoted to WO2 and those unconcious stay WO1 (Knocking off early was the sensible thing to do).

    So you see, it wasnt a typo, its going to happen.


    P.S. I made that up.
  6. Boney wrote
    Now I would pay good money to watch that.....Better still, If you could arrange a "death match" between all the corps RSM's past and present, my money would be one the one who came from the seyschelles...first name Rick....Scary Bast*rd.

  7. They don't always sit. Sometimes they stand up, stretch off and go to the toilet.
  8. or option 2 stick up for your guys and take all the shit that comes downhill..that will enhance your demotion stakes as well...

    hindsight! damn where was that when i really needed it :)