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Unless I'm very much mistaken, there were no avionic techs promoted to stripey!! Surely there must have been someone due? Or is this because there is a 30% shortfall in class 1 greenies?
cpl to sgt board was a bit didgy this year.
If you look at the Sgt-SSgt board, no greenies picked up there either, so perhaps there are no Sgt slots available?! After all there are NO manning issues in REME aviation ;)
It's the same for all trades.
Shortfall in Armourers? cut the posts, hey presto 100% manning achieved. :x

Congrats to all that picked up, and there is always next year for those that didn't.
Ahh but apparently there is a 30% shortfall in class 1 greenies...... I reckon our illustrious leader had a word in the ear of the board and said "don't promote any greenies" SSgt greenies don't work on the shop floor. More greenie artisans = less bods fixing aircraft. It's just another way that REME has seen off aviation techs in the last 10 years.
Lots of rumours (as always) of another board sitting to look at those who missed the board because of CLM Qual.
Anyone out there have any facts.
or is it all bull as rumours normally are.
verticalgyro said:
I have it on good authority that no Greenies got Artisan this year because none of them on the board were fat enough to meet the quality line.
Sorry, but I am - I've been sat at a deskjob, putting on a couple of stone, for two years practicing for that honour :twisted:

(and it's worked !!)
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