Cpl - Sgt Board results

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by taffridge, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Well done Taff can't wait to see you in a Mess :pukel:
  2. Congrats yer big Trogg

    Delighted for you :D :D

    As usual my finger is on the pulse :oops:

    See if you can actually keep it for more than 5 mins
  3. congrats taff

    bout time tho

    see you around somtime!

  4. Congrats Taff! :)

    Anywhere else that the results are published as I can't get onto Army Net at the moment (memory & password problems!!)
  5. See atteached link, accessable from DII and most military intranets, goes to MS Soldier Wing (formerly MCM Div)

    MS Soldier Wing

  6. Cheers! :)