Cpl-Sgt Board Results

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. Congratulations to all those listed and commiserations to those who weren't.

    The results are on Armynet now.
  2. Well done to our very own moderator!
  3. ...and now they aren't......

  4. I thought 2 things when seeing the results. Firstly how I knew very few names, I think I need a posting back to the MI bde - gulp.

    Secondly, the names that stood out were the absolute fuckwits I'm surprised made it to cpl. So much for honest reporting..........
  5. I only recognised 1 name - very well done to that man. Between the Corps and the Sigs list (before they took unit names off) I noticed that 14 Sigs did very well. Ding Ding!
  6. It just goes to show that Int Corps soldiers are not disadvantaged by being reported on by Royal Signals officers, like some have said in the past. The young OPMI(L)s are clearly more competative for promotion being at 14SR than being employed elsewhere.
  7. Or it could be that linguists are boarded separately.........
  8. During my time in the Corps I was reported on by wholly Corps, wholly Sigs (with HoA input) and mixed chains. I always found the Sigs staff work to be excellent (maybe I was lucky). The Corps staff work was usually good as well. Having worked with an number of capbadges since I have found the key is a good Adjutant supported by a squared away CO and importantly a commitment to getting the process right. I've also written reports and seen first hand how bloody hard it is to get right. My point? To agree with Fraser. As always, a good soldier will ultimately be successful.
  9. Well done to a certain 'Martin' in a sunny place :wink:
  10. Did you actually read my post? I know that some linguists are boarded separately. Have you seen the full version of the board results? If so, you will notice that the OPMI(L)s at 14SR have done considerably better than OPMI(L)s working in other areas.

    It was simple analysis of the OPMI(L) results. That's what we do on this side of the Corps, we analyse information and produce intelligence. :wink:

    Let me take out the confusing personal names and unit names for you. Cpl A, Cpl B, Cpl C and Cpl D, all from Unit 1, were selected for promotion. Only Cpl X from Unit 2 was selected for promotion. Cpls A, B, C, D and X are all OPMI(L)s. Units 1 and 2 are main areas of employment for OPMI(L)s. We can therefore say there were more Cpls from Unit 1 selected for promotion than Unit 2.
  11. I haven't seen the full version of the board results so I haven't noticed that any one unit has done better than the others. Of course the unit mentioned in the full version might not always be the one the individual received their SJAR at.

    Of course we don't do analysis from a single report on the normal side of the corps! :wink:.................................
  12. On the other hand, you might just be talking shajt.
  13. They wonder why we call it the dimside. :roll:
  14. Is it because you're jealous of us..................