Cpl - Sgt Board Results

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by lead_farmer, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Come on ... some one must have them by now ... Cpl - Sgt board results?
  2. OOoooooooooo someone's nervous!
  3. not nervous, theres alot of my mates crossing fingers, toes and their kids in anticipation, personally i just want an early posting! hahaha
  4. Of course some people have sight, Comcen's normally are the best, doesn't mean people are going to leak it early.

    Just wait until they are public tomorrow.

    0800Z as I remember.
  5. I've spoken to our comcen guys and I know Smudge, Taff and Jocko have it!
  6. Cool, cos i heard Scouse, geordie and the monkey hanger had it too
  7. they shouldnt be released till friday morning, usually first june friday.

    dont hold your breath about it, dont forget its first year that glasgow have had to use the sjars rather than cr's for one, so lots who look like they could come off may not and vice versa,
    then there is the almalgamation of trades.

    fingers crossed for you anyway matey
  8. Tomorrow morning mate.
  9. well fingers crossed for anyone waiting.
    and if you are lucky enuff have a bloody large glass from me!!
  10. Anybody got a copy they could pm me with please
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Just go on armynet and get them
  12. not on there yet
  13. well, another year another shit board!

    One TeleMech in the whole corp comes off! i suppose now the question, whether to get out and and face redundancy or say in and stay a full screw for 10 years ... im starting to sway to the first one
  14. I see some things never change!

    I left the Corps 24 years ago because of lack of promotion prospects (amongst other things).

    You have consolation in the fact that as a TeleMech, you're far superior to everyone else anyway ;-)
  15. I guess people could leave the Corps, due to lack of promotion prospects.

    You can leave and face lack of employment prospects outside. Take your pick!

    The current civilian jobs market isn't great mate. Suck it up and stay in, it's for the best.