Cpl-Sgt Board!! Any news?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Smudge-Rare-Name, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Has anybody heard any news about the "special" Cpl-Sgt promotion board that was/is due to sit about this time.

    After the JCLM shenanigans at the last board, I was told a board would sit again at around this time, which would allow People to get JCLM Part 2 and 3 completed and again become eligible.

    All well and good but nothing else has been said and things have become quiet on this front.

    Has anybody heard anything?
  2. if you look at the MS Web it says that it sits the end of month results published third december :D
  3. agreed it is sitting about the same time as techy board. There should be a nominal roll published any day now on the MS web which will say if your going to the board. If your not on it and you think you should be then get your OC to give glasgow a ring asap. If you dont have access to MS web (available on armynet) then give me a PM and when the list is published i will tell you if your on it.
  4. Nominal rolls are out for the tech and special cpl-sgt boards. Available on armynet if you are inclined to take a look.

    They were only published today (despite armynet dating it the 18th) so MCM have left people with lots of time to sort out any mistakes considering the boards sit on monday and tuesday. I have had a look through the list and found a few names who thought they would be eligible but MCM have said other wise so there will be some unhappy bunnies soon. I also noticed several inconstancies with the tech nominal roll stating people eligible and going to the board while the special list has the same individual as not fully qualified and not going to the board.

    Overall a prime example of a last minute half assed attempt to rectify a gargantuan injustice.
  5. Congratulations to all those that picked up, just seen the list today.
  6. Are the results on MS web? I can see the WO2 results (to those who did well, well done...etc) but cant see the special results.
  7. Don't think they are mate, we had a print out passed around today emailed to one of our lads from another unit after much ringing around, disgraceful our CoC didn't have a clue.
  8. I found out the results via ARRSE before the CoC got hold of them.
  9. Yes, im still not on it.