Cpl-Sgt 2012

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by philarmy, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Board results not out until August because some people aren't qualified....what's that all about? Guaranteed if I wasn't qualified, they'd have cracked on without me! Bang goes the assignment I was hoping for, IF I picked up!!!
  2. I thought it was related to Tranche 2.
  3. I thought it was out on the 21st?

    Not been told otherwise as yet.
  4. Confirmed, board results on MS web page say released on 21st.
  5. I have heard that the AGC board has been delayed by some friends in the Corps.
  6. I was told by my Bde HQ early last week that the board would not sit until July due to an issue with some Cpls not being suitably qualified for their current rank and hence not qualified for further promotion. Apparently this will give them time to get qualified in a hurry. I was told that I should have had an email explaining this but I have not had it yet. I'll try again to get it and paste any appropriate info on here. I am not sure if this is pan-Army or AGC only. I know at the and of Apr/start of May there was a panicked last minute checking of people's JNCO CLM results. I did JQC instead of CLM and was informed I am unaffected. That's reassuring seeing as I have been a Cpl for 9 years!!! Would it be inappropriate to suggest that this may cause someone too much embarrassment to publish this on the MS Web?
  7. I dont have worry to worry about this board seeing as my SJAR still hasnt been finished. Still waiting on part 3 to be finished.
  8. Some people had not completed all three parts of their JNCO CLM. Therefore, some people who were recommended for promotion to Sgt were not qualified for promotion to substantive Cpl. This appears to be an SPS issue only. The following is copied and pasted from an email from our SO1 at APC:

    The board will now be on 24 – 25th Jul 12 – release date for promotion results will be on 2 Aug 12.
  9. If you're not qualified for your current rank then promotion to senior level is not an option. Also, is it still the case that downgraded cannot be promoted?
  10. I don't claim be an expert on the pre-requisites for promotion but I do know I have seen downgraded personnel promoted, both senior and junior to me. I suspect that may depend on the individual Regt/Corps' policy. As for the CLM situation, I am surprised that the people who were not qualified were not simply told to get qualified by next year. Sod's Law, if it was me I'd have been told that.
  11. Instead of worrying about promotion, I'd be more inclined to check the post for brown letters.
  12. If the AGC (SPS) didn't promote downgraded personnel, then they wouldn't promote anyone... ... ever.
  13. Is this info confirmed and is it going to impact on everyone or just the AGC?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. I received an email via my CofC shortly after 4pm stating that the Board would be delayed to a time "beyond 21 Jun" only to receive another email 40 mins later stating that it was back on for 21 Jun.........

    Maybe it's an APC psyche ie one last "on and off the bus" before they get into the Sgt's Mess?!
  15. I don't see how this should be a 'board fcuking' problem.

    When their SJAR recommending them for 6 star Field Marshal or Sky Commander or what ever hits Glasgea, should the MCM punters not look at the SJAR, realise that the subject is not a Sub-Cpl, so is not eligible to be put on the board for consideration?

    Thus leaving the non-qualified SJARs sat in the pile of on their desk, not in the Boarding room.