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Cpl Ray Maharaj R.I.P.

A British soldier has died whilst on the start of his Xmas leave.

Cpl Ray Maharaj of the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment, Paderborn, Germany, died after drowning in a swimming pool accident.

He had been on TELIC IV & TELIC VIII, which saw fierce fighting from the Mahadi Army in 2004.

Ray was man who had immense intelligence & humour and was highly respected by his subordinates and peers alike.

He was a dear friend of mine.

RIP Ray.
I've worked with 2PWRR before and if the first battalion is anything like them then he would of been a diamond guy.

Thoughts to his family and friends. RIP
I only knew Ray for the year I spent with the Tigers last year, and had the pleasure of working with him on a number of occasions. He had such an infectious personality, always put me at ease, and never cared that I was the outsider in a tightly nit unit. Take it easy Ray I’m sure your new posting will shine all the brighter for having you around.

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