Cpl Pun - Should it have been a VC?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Al J, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Forgive me if this has been posted before - looked, but can't find it. The recent Afghan action involving Cpl Pun seems worthy of a VC to me.

    Any thoughts?

    Al J.
  2. Agreed, as he single handedly fought off like 20 taliban fighters using his LMG, Sa80, sandbag and... a weapon tripod somehow? anyway he definately should but thats life with politicians running the way these things are awarded.
  3. Nope. Worthy of what he got. Well done to the man.
  4. Why do you? Do you think you know more about the decision and are better qualified and have the right experience to decide what is worthy of a VC or what is worthy of a CGC?
  5. I'm sure he was rightly proud to be presented with the medal he got. but it does make one wonder what you have to do to earn a VC these days short of dying for your country whilst saving a hundred child civvies.
  6. Politicians now sign off the awarding of gongs/write ups for valour?

    You sure?
  7. Glad he is on our side
  8. Only when people don't agree with the awards people get apparently
  9. Sorry, kids, but the VC was never on the cards. The original Royal Warrant stated, amongst other things that '..........and has to be supported by three witnesses'. That is, his acts had to be witnessed as they occurred.

    Sure, his action was most certainly fought in the face of the enemy and fulfilled the rest of the criteria. However, as I understand it, nobody witnessed his acts: QRF rolled up when it had all but finished.
  10. I'd think he probably doesn't know about the criteria and has asked for an explanation from those who might know why a CGC was awarded and not a VC.
  11. .............Just offering my opinion. As FourZeroCharlie points out, witnesses are all. Thanks for your support Onetap.
  12. when his actions are compaired with those of another CGC action i cant help but believe he deserved the VC

    taking nothing away from any recipients of the CGC but Cpl Pun's actions seem that little bit more remarkable. I wish we had a copy of the full citation to confirm our beliefs

    as for whitnesses, well im sure the QRF's statements combined with the fact he is still alive should have covered it
  13. No, as has been mentioned nobody else saw the actions which means (I'm sure he didn't) he could have made the whole thing up, the VC is as much a political award as anything else and the circumstances surrounding the action rather then the act itself is often more important.
  14. I am no expert, but I am not sure a VC is a 'political award'.
  15. You misquote me, I said it was as much a political award as anything else, you only have to look at several past citations to see how it has been used as a tool by politicians.