Cpl Nick Lock needs your help!


Cpl Nick Lock of 6 Sqn, who beat colon cancer four years ago, only for it to return in his lymph nodes. Unfortunately Cpl Lock's local health care trust will not fund a much needed drug called Cetuximab, as it has not met the guidelines of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

This is a bad blow to Cpl Lock as Cetuximab costs in the region of £700 a week and will have to be administered in a private clinic.

On behalf of e-goat, we are putting out an urgent plea for members to please give Cpl Lock a fighting chance of overcoming cancer. Cetuximab may only have a 25% chance of working, but this is Cpl Lock's only chance.

Fellow moderator Mad_Moriarty has provided us with a Paypal account that can be used straight away for people to donate.

We understand that this may not the ideal system as the Egoat is acting on your behalf as collectors for the official fund but this was the quickest way we could find to allow online donations. The donations will be closely monitored and accessed by the Egoat treasurers, MingMong/sumps, charity reps Mad_collie/Gemarriott and legal Beagle Mad_Moriarty.

Donations can be made by visiting paypal here https://www.paypal.com/ and entering our account email address

Our Paypal account e-mail address is : paul@tietacs.org.uk
I tried searching for this on ARRSE, but couldn't find it. If it's a duplicate, please forgive me!

Please help us out.

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