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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Oakley, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. I Know a similar topic was brought up a while ago but this covers a diffrent area. I would like to get a general idea from the Cpls and LCpls in the corp.

    As far as i am aware, the only Cpls mess is located at Blandford. In a recent 'get together' by my old Badge the Idea of a Cpls mess was brought up, put to the floor and subsequently refused. I see the Cpl mess as a stepping stone to the Sgt mess where im sure most Cpl and LCpl aim to get to. So why are most Cpls and LCpls against the idea of a mess?

    Also a mess is compulsory to join. I know this is an issue to most, so what about Cpl Clubs? You would not have to join if you did not want to, but they could be run on the same model as a mess.

    Thoughts, ideas and opinions greatly appreciated.
  2. 7 Sigs (sorry Sir, 7th Signal Regiment) had/have one dont they? Headed up by an SSM.

    Thats why I did not join the Cpls Club as it was called. Had to write a letter to the SSM stating as to why I did not want to join.

    Pay subs each month for maybe 3 or 4 functions a year. Also you have no designated mess building, only the 'other' NAAFI bar.

    Possibly the view of the LCpls Cpls in the corps is that every 3 years you are posted on so therefore no point. Yes I know the same applies to SNCO's however they are strongly encourged to join.

    Cpls messes work very well, IMO, in the infantry as you will stay with your unit all through your serving time. The only thing that changes is the location.

    No doubt I will be corrected on the above.
  3. Cpls Messes are generally at Training units, eg ATRs/Ph 2, where there is a danger that the recruits will have better facilities and their Cpl instructors none. I think they should not be broader than that - JNCOs should have something to aim for - the Sgts Mess.
  4. People moan about the Cpls Mess's/clubs but both my last 2 units had them and generally they are a great excuse to get drunk and have functions. The only reason the club at Blandford is not well used is NAAFI's unwillingness to adapt to the needs and wants of the club.
  5. Agree with a couple of the points here, however more and more units are now going back to the Cpl's mess, the argument has been for a long time is about mess bills. I was a member of the Cpl's mess at 30 a number of years ago and they had trouble enforcing the payment of them as lots of full screws were always deployed. However my personal view is that every Signal Regiment should adopt a Cpl's mess policy as it should provide a good grounding for introduction to the Sgts Mess
  6. They're a good idea if they're run as the members want - they give JNCOs a taste of Mess life and give them a grounding in Mess etiquette and give a few of the senior Screws a bit of Mess responsibility.

    If the members are asked if they want something, vote no and are told "tough, you're having it anyway", then it's pointless
  7. Or as we had at Blandford we asked for certain things the Club president agreed and NAAFI management said no almost everytime and when they provided anything for functions it was nearly always sub-standard, including the beer and most of the staff.

    21 sigs had a decent club in 2 different forms while i was there. First we had a bit of party mess for any JNCO to get into a dribbly mess once a month with an occasional dinner for the senior fullscrews. Then after Telic 1 we had a formal mess for fullscrews only. Has to be said i had a great time at both.

    Although mess meeting for the first one were better as they were in work time and the badge would quite open the bar at 1630 after a meeting.
  8. Most regiments in the Corp are coming round to the idea now. 7 Sigs have now got a really good one up and running with there own bar and regualar events. 1 mech also have one etc etc. It all depends on whos heading it up you dont need someone with no back bone who makes idle promises to the lads. If your gonna start one you need to get the lads and lasses onside from the start and give them some sort of incentive cos as we all know its easier to sit on ya ass and do nought than it is to get up and put some graft in for a better future. They do work an its a good education for the mess I was in three before i got to the mess and it really helped me.

    Remember dont fear change.
  9. I think there are fair few units getting going on the idea of a mess at the moment. And having been a member of one of the messes in it's fledgling form I know of the growing pains that they go through to get going and those who do not wish to be part of the mess.

    All I can say is that those who want the mess to move forward should work at it, and if neccesary in it's beginning cast aside those who are not going to help that process. Once the mess has put on a few good nights they will eventually come to the fold.

    It is probably going ot get easier as now the Techs are not getting promoted automatically (so I believe), so there wont be any 18 year old LCpls in their.
  10. And why do you think that is any different to the Sgt's Mess? The WO's meeting in the morning before the mess meeting is an illicit cabal. They sit and decide what to railroad through later that day.
  11. Perhaps we should switch to the navy system then. The mess commitee including the president and PMC are elected the only qualifying rank issue is you have to have the rank to be a member of the mess.
  12. I'm all in favour of a Cpl's mess. I've been a member of a couple and i've never had any complaints (although i agree with smooje on the problems with the one in Blandford). However they do tend to get ruined by people who don't want to be a member. For some strange reason these are the type of people who complain paying a couple of quid a month to have functions organised for them and need to be forced to go out on the piss. The Cpl's mess at 21 had some fantastic functions but all the time there was some miserable cnuts who sat there and complained about being forced to go on the lash when they could be sat on their arrses in their rooms doing fcuk all. Then they have a whinge about having to pay mess bills for functions they dont want to go to. If these people were willing to become more active then they would find that they would enjoy themselves and therefor not begrudge paying for the mess. But unfortunatly this is just another symptom of the work 9 to 5 then fcuk off back to mummy/daddy/girlfriend/boyfriend attitude of singlies that fills the corps. Every mess do i've been to the people who throw themselves into it and get involved seem to be the pads while the single soldiers sit and complain.