Cpl Mark Wright Inquest Verdict

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tangosix, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    the inquest's verdict has just been announced:



    "Cpl Wright's death could have been avoided but for a lack of equipment and said those responsible "should hang their heads in shame"."

  2. Just saw it on BBC. I think we all had a good idea what the verdict would be, but will it change anything?
  3. This is so tragic ,Lets hope lessons will be learnt .
  4. Unfortunately all the money we need for such kit is wasted on bailing out greedy bankers, keeping archaic organisations such as the SBA Authorities in their jobs, civil servants in theirs, illegal immigrants in nice, warm housing, out of work wasters in food, beer and fags and in supplying money, assistance and costly bureaucracy to assist our transgender, transvestite and other minority populations.

    Ah well, maybe one day we will get a leader and government with a little common sense and decency.
  5. To paraphrase General Robert E Lee, if only the Coroners were in charge of our troops on ops instead of the Officers everything would go swimmingly...
  6. No surprises in their briefs statement;

    Sytemic failures...
    training, intelligence & resources

    Modern battlefield communication system is essential...

  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Not sure the MoD are one for "hanging their heads in shame!" They are much more ready to "Who gives a fuc&!" sort of routine. They havent given a $hit for 400 years so I doubt if they will change now.
  8. Any of this to do with Bowman and batteries? I would like to add the following statement from Def Min A Ingram to HCDC dated 30 Mar 06 in reply to my own letter expressing concern about the lack of CSAR capability in Afghanistan.


    Mr Gilb is concerned about our CSAR capability for forthcoming operations in Afghanistan and alleges that the Afghanistan task "has all the hallmarks of a rushed deployment". There are rescue plans, but for reasons of operational security, and to protect our troops, I cannot provide details of them; I do not want to compromise the safety of our troops should such a situation arise. In terms of planning for the next stage of tasking in Afghanistan, you will have gathered from the evidence I provided on 7 March this year that our deployment of more troops to Afghanistan is long-planned and part of a coherent international plan. This is not a rushed mission as Mr Gilb alleges.

    So then Adam, totally inadequate training for dealing with minefields in PDT and helos with no winch constitutes a sound and effective plan does it?

    In a statement from Cpl Wright's family, their solicitor said the coroner had made it clear there had been "really serious systemic failures" in providing the correct training, intelligence and resources for troops to do their jobs.

    I wonder if the members of HCDC will also be hanging their heads in shame for believing the utter rubbish spouted by the Ministry of Defence.
  9. Surely you mean instead of politicians? For shame!
  10. First and foremost, thoughts are not only with the family of Cpl Wright GC but also all of the lads who lost limbs in this incident.
    As always, the Oxford coroner is displaying his superb ability to use hindsight to best effect. Yes, I am sure there were f*ck ups but there always are in military ops. I would support these inquest verdicts more if this particular coroner didn't always use them as a hobby horse. Military ops are not a safe area where H&S considerations come first - this is what Andrew Walker always forgets.
  11. So you think he should just STFU then? At least he is attempting to shame the feckers who are behind such inadequate planning and financing.
  12. I applaud the Coroner for being so thorough and clear with his deliberations including the strong statement "Hang Their heads in Shame" and my thoughts are with the Parents for what they have suffered.

    It is no time to be rolling out lame and most weak excuses, be it lack of money and coroners are not in the line of fire or action. Some can't or will never see fault with the Military.
  13. Well done the coroner for speaking out and we should be grateful that there is at least some process by which a non-MOD view is heard.

    On Radio 4's PM Rear Admiral Tony Johnson-Bird came on to put the MOD's point of view.
    Quite what his objective was I don't know but he went a long way to confirm the view of many that the MOD is shifty, disloyal, completely out of touch and would sell servicemen & women down the river to score political points and preserve its cosy ivory towers.

    TBH his bleating & pathetic excuses made me want to puke.
  14. Soldiers deployed in sandy places have enough opportunities to get killed without MoD 'f*ck ups' adding to them.

    If people died in civ div because of the type of gross negligence that's coming to light in these inquests, the directors of the company concerned would be in prison. The Labour government would be leading a mob baying for blood.

    In these cases, it's the government's fault and they raise two fingers to the relatives of the victims. No wonder the government was trying to get these inquests heard in secret. I bet they're sh1tting themselves about this case being brought by the relatives of those who died in the Nimrod crash.
  15. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Read this. Then see if you can still be so glib.

    The fighting in AFG is the most intense and sustained of my lifetime*.

    It is also the most underfunded, and it only has Suez in '57 as a competitor for most ill-considered.

    The mess that Tootal's men found themselves in - from which only Unca Sam had resources to retrieve the survivors - is entirely down to a failure of gunmint to properly resource its Army, and to plan for the kind of conflicts into which it has sent our soldiers over the last decade.

    This is our Crimea.