Cpl Mark Byles.So when was another VC awarded?

The media do make me laugh, they can't even get their story correct, does nobody supervise these kids? This sort of crap only gives example of the hap-hazard approach to reporting on HM Forces.

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Was it the whole charge that bayonetted the 20 Iraqs or just Cpl Byles by himself?
1. it was the MC

2. In his own words he said that he killed between 15-20 iraqis during his tour, not in the charge
Knowing the bloke he was quite posible of doing the lot himself :lol: .
An extremly good nco who if there is any justice should go far .
Rudolph_Hucker said:
Slightly worrying that whether it was VC or MC some nutter was out to get him.
Hmmmm, so it's some nutter fanatic one on one with a MC winner who's already proved himself in hand to hand combat.

My monies on Cpl Byles :lol:
With gun crime so prevalent in this country, and weapons so easy to obtain thanks to the scum article, why was the nutter converting a blank firer? That would have probably done us all a favour by blowing his face of had he tried to use it or is it ( tinfoil hat time ) more political spin to help tony to pass more draconian laws on the legal ownership of anything firearms related ( my mum wouldn't let me have a water pistol in case i tried to drown someone with it )

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