Cpl Liam Riley

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by owenmac, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. I don't get to say to much on here, but I have a favour to ask you all.

    friends of mine lost their son in Afghanistan, Cpl Liam Riley and it has been proposed that a statue be built as a tribute to this young man in his local town, but as is pretty normal for most things nowadays they are having a vote and he is up against 5 others for this honour. I would be grateful to every one if you could follow this link and support the nomination for this young to have this statue built.

    Vote for your local hero

    I am a long time lurker, but not posted much
  2. As a fellow Rifleman myself who has served who has known Riflemen who have lost their lives in Afghan and Iraq and I mean no disrespect, what has he done so prestigious to have a statue built for him, I'd love a seperate monument built for everyone seperately listing their names in the middle of London in each theatre, every private, rifleman, marine, sapper, lance-jack, fullscrew and beyond to be honored in this way especially for a guy, who according to this appended MOD release was much eager to do his duty.

    It is sad he was killed by an IED, and his service record does him a great honor in itself, being promoted for his qualities as a soldier, being the youngest section commander in his battalion and at 25, he seemed exceptional.

    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Military Operations | Corporal Liam Riley and Lance Corporal Graham Shaw killed in Afghanistan

    Gratefully, if I was of 3 Yorks, I would vote for all of them to have one in honour, but I hate seeing some "competition" for a monument built.
  3. Sorry to be a party pooper, and I completely undertand where your coming from but let's get real, If we carried on these shenanigans all the time we wouldnt be able to move for statues, theres to many people that need to be recognised that dont. So lets calm down a bit get him a bench and cool off.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Yep i would agree. A generic "British Soldier" maybe, but a specific one? not suitable i feel. Maybe a street name at most? Or the next new building at his odl school? was he a member of any young people clubs, they could have a Riley Cup of similar?
  5. Fucking nonsense....All respect to the lad and his family BUT......

    Get some perspective
  6. I think you are missing the point, gents. The decision has already been made to erect a statue. The decision is only that of who:

    Keith Ayling - former chairman of the Chesterfield Canal Trust
    Joan Booth - church volunteer worker
    Dave Froggatt (‘Tup’) - Poet
    Fred Greaves VC - WWI serviceman
    Corporal Liam Riley
    Dr George Robertson Lipp - local GP

    Personally, I would like to see more statues up of soldiers from recent conflicts.
  7. Seriously, why the fuck would you want to see statues of doctors and church volunteers!?
  8. dingerr, you have hit the nail on the head mate.

    I didn't know Cpl Riley, but as a fellow Yorkshire Regiment soldier and 'Duke', I made a special effort to attend his funeral. The people of Sheffield turned out in great numbers to honour and applaud this frankly exceptional serviceman.

    So to make a choice out of the five people nominated, I believe there is no real choice and that Cpl Riley would be a fitting representative of the commemoration of the fallen from recent and particularly current conflicts.
  9. I hear what your saying re current conflicts etc, but "no real choice" when theres a bloke who won the VC in that list?

    I agree with most. Much respect to Cpl Riley and condolonces to his family, but statues, memorials and the likes should be made for the collective fallen - not the individual IMO.

    Personaly I think that as Cpl Riley was the victim of an IED, the money thats being used to build the statue would be better served if it were donated to helping blokes who have lost limbs, been blinded etc from IED's.
  10. I've just voted for him, why not?

    Like Dingerr said they're going to put a statue up of one out of the six. Rather Cpl Liam Riley than the Canal or local celebrity bloke (local celebrity is code for Alchy)

    Come on your only a couple of click away from making it happen.

    Give it a 100 years and kid's will be putting traffic cones on the statue's head, plus I doubt many of you live near there anyway, so will never see it.

    Go on!
  11. I was friends with Shoz, the chap who died at the same time, and lovely though it is for Liam to be honoured, I do think a generic British soldier statue would be more fitting! Shoz gave no more, no less as have 300+ other soldiers!

    That said i voted for Liam!
  12. Voted for Cpl Liam Riley.
  13. No Choice ? That V.C didn't stand for Viet Cong.

  14. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Name a pool hall after him...

    ... "Liam's"

    (This is still the NAAFI, right?)
  15. Thanks to those who have voted, and I fully understand, and agree with many of the sentiments expressed suggesting fitting alternatives.

    I felt that in this case it it was appropriate to post asking for support for this, purely due to the fact that a statue is going to be built, this is not a petition asking for some sort of memorial, it has already been decided that a statue of one of these individuals will be built.

    I agree that the VC would be a fitting recipient of a tribute such as this and am in no way suggesting that Cpl Riley's cause is greater than any other.

    I know Liam's parents, I did not know Liam. His parents were immensely proud of their son prior to his death, and are grateful that his name was even included in this list.

    I am in no way intruding on private grief here by the way, Liam's mother would love to have this statue built and as she is in her early 40's she would have many years in front of her to appreciate it.

    My view is that if this statue is going to be built, why not have it dedicated to a young man from the modern day forces, whose friends and family are still around to appreciate it.

    I posted this in the NAAFI bar as the discussions tend to be livelier and (Some of) the humour would appeal to Liams Parents.