Cpl Clive Townson RAOC

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Cherub, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. 19459_100204666677468_2840870_n.jpg
    Did anyone on here serve with a Clive Townson in the RAOC, later RLC.who he says left as a CPL around about 1999-2000
    He loves to tell us about his stint during the first gulf war (even though by my reckoning he was 15 at the time) working as a tank transporter driver, then after working on clearing the "unexploded ordnance" and having to remove maggot infested bodies from tanks 2 years after hostilities ceased, he was then posted to Bosnia, where sadly he had to hide under corpses whilst working as a sniper.
    There are also numerous stories of Belize, Falklands, Hong Kong............. basically anywhere the army was or wasnt, Walt was there.
    There is also the story of when he shagged his SSM's wife and daughter or his CO's wife and daughter depending on what time of day it is that he tells you.
    If he was in the army, which im even beginning to doubt, then was he just a normal bod like me? joined in 92 left in 98, drank a few beers and went to some pretty places.:)

    If you did serve with him, please, de-walt him and let me know
  2. My wife's ex-husband was à vehicle specialist at Emblem/Antwerp back in the day. There is a VS page on Facebook, its called VSpecs T Cards - don't ask me why! You could try on there?

  3. If he joined RAOC in 92 it's not clear what trade he was in..

    1. In GW1 this was an RCT trade.
    2. RE task
    3. Pioneer task
    4. Infantry..

    Probably a slop or a chunk.. if anything going by walting skills...
  4. In all fairness to the bloke someone giving "on me" across a bar to me or anywhere else would get blank looks nowadays and possibly a bottle of head and Shoulders,but then I've been out for a while.
    Most likely a blanket stacker walt tho
  5. funny you should mention V/spec, I actually joined up as a V/spec and did my Junior leaders course down at Bovvy with the RAC lads, but we were told that V/spec was no longer an option so we all had to become drivers, I opted to bugger off to the R Sigs and make tea for officers for the rest of my army career.
    He has never made up stories for being a V/specialist, although he has spouted back the same story to me about Bovington having forgot that I was the one who told it to him.
  6. My 8 year old responds to it.
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  7. Its the new military, you send sms's instead.
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  8. She does that too:(
  9. I dont recall this geezer certainly blackdown. I joined Jun 92 RAOC and still am serving. Although I left the RLC when the dirty troggs got involved with the RAOC trades.
  10. If he's not bleeting about PTSD and GWS then he almost certainly didn't take part in GW1.
  11. If it helps ring any bells, he had ginger hair and a very bad stutter.............
    which makes me think if he did join up, he would of had the piss ripped out of him constantly..........
  12. Something like:

    Goose Green
    Viewing Page 12850 of Issue 49134

    In the PT Corps:
    Viewing Page 3618 of Issue 54714

    And commissioned:
    Viewing Page 1811 of Issue 56117

  13. Get over yourself, FFS. Chefs have enough problems trying to convince others that we were actually chefs, without having to walt it up as a Para/Marine/SAS sniper death dealing ninja type.
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  14. If they can make up range stew with traces of tea bags and a coffee urn which is just heated up river water, then they were definitely army chefs!
  15. ooh Bite!