Cpl Budd VC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Full story from the BBC.

    A bitter-sweet event for Cpl Budd's family, no doubt, but proper recognition of his heroic actions.

    Rest In Peace.
  2. seconded
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    In the finest tradition of our Armed Forces. When it comes to Mrs Budd telling her children what happened to their dad,they'll know he passed on saving the lives of his mates.
    RIP Cpl Budd.
  4. I'm all for this but I notice that Cpl Budd VC was from Ripon, 75 miles away in Yorkshire. I've drafted a letter to NorthLincs council but could someone explain why a school in Scunthorpe would be named after him when he came from Ripon?
    I think I've missed something here.


    Ex STAB
  5. Thanks for that, I didn't see it on the link.
  6. Deepest respect.
    RIP old warrior.
  7. Absolutely speechless.

    Deepest respect.
  8. RIP Cpl Budd VC

    I think this idea of naming a school after someone who really did uphold everything that is good about this country is a wonderful idea.
    You can take the piss out of the yanks but their sense of respect for their country is outstanding (i.e. the flag being displayed in each school classroom and everyday folks being able to run up a flag outside there home without being branded racist or attacked).
    It's one of the best ideas I have heard anywhere for ages but no doubt some prick on the council will object. :thumleft:
  9. Well NB, from what I hear, all on the council are in favour!

  10. Not wanting to belittle this outstanding feat of bravery, I personally think we should also recognise the actions of Corporal Wright and his postumous George Cross.
  11. In the finest traditions of both his Regiment and the British Army.

    ...'greater love than this no man hath than to lay down his life for his friends'...

    My sincere respect and my deepest condolances to your Family, Unit and Friends. A true hero. RIP
  12. RIP to a great hero,and I to think the school idea is excellent.I hope his family like the idea as well
  13. Agreed!

    Indeed - I should have included Cpl Wright GC on this thread - they were both incredibly brave men.