on the website for the college of logistics (global website) there is a section called: continued proffesional development. listing such qualifications as diploma's in logistics.

does anyone know if they have clarified all the requirements for soldiers to gain these quals?. and how we go about gaining them.
Capt Thunderpants,

The qualifications are all part of an arrangement with Swansea Metropolitan University. They are available to anyone that wishes to study at Deepcut. The Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport requires attendance at 10 study weekends and the completion of five assignments (2000 words) and one project (10000 words).
Currently, you cannot use any career courses to gain dispensation for any of the courses. You also pay for the courses yourself, the Adv Dip costs £1300 but you can use Enhanced Learning Credits to cover approx £1000 of that.

If you want any more information, use the contact as listed on the website or PM me.

Shiny Arrse
Apologies for biff double post.
Shiny Arrse
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