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Do any of you getting hot and dusty out there know any contacts you can pass onto me in the CPA in either Basra or Baghdad? I understand they are desperately short of people with post-conflict country building skills, agricultural development skills and town planning skills. I know someone with exactly those skills who might be extremely useful to them.

Not me unfortunately! I can't see them wanting to set up pubs in Baghdad somehow..........!!! 8O :lol:

They're not recruiting at the moment

I know this, because I asked .
Pubs in Baghdad? Why ever not Prodigal? Get in there son! :D
Why, thank you RangiRam!!!!! Don't think it would go down too well........ 8O

Anyway, PtP, Hillary Benn gave a briefing a few weeks ago out there saying that that was what they were looking for (so I guess someone is recruiting, perhaps for specific expertise?) - so, if any of you out there know any civvy CPA bods, would you let me know? Ta! I'm also looking into it this end.


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Well, as I'm sitting in a CPA outpost typing this, I can say that they are pretty damned short of staff, so I'll have an ask around. They may say they are not recruiting, but when the current batch of TA and others demobs, there's going to be some bloody big holes in the Teams if they don't :)

They may have cunning plans to recruit loads, or may have done so already, but anyway if I find anything out, I'll PM you.
Thank you Old Snowy, very much appreciated. The person I have in mind is someone with years of experience in precisely this sort of field (no pun intended....... :D ) and is something of an expert in post-conflict scenarios as well........and might be available in the very near future. He's been working for the UN, the EC and IMF projects for some time.


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Prodigal / PtP -

I tried to send you more info via PM. I can't see it in my outbox, though. Can you confirm receipt or otherwise, please?



Not seen

Could you send again please? Very interested here


Marginally on-topic.....
The number of UK companies and individuals carrying out protective security/CP contracts in Iraq at the moment is almost unbelievabley high, and the US corporations are the principal customers - they trust the British to provide the goods. Big money being made, and the general feel around the ME is that it is the next step up from one or two tired old autocracies now running out of steam. Go for it.....
CPA? Child Protection Agency? in Iraq already? Probably due to the high number of Int Corps currently deployed there. :twisted: :twisted:
If they need anybody I’ll carry their luggage cos its likely to be the only chance I’ll get to get out there
I am out on a DfiD funded project in Basra, give them a call (Department for International Development) short contracts but pay well
I'll stay at home keep my head attached to my neck thankyou very much!
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