Was hoping someone might know of which jobs are available within the Army for someone who is CP4 colour perception.

No smart Arrse comments neither!

CP4, Jesus wept. Can you even tell the different colours apart on DPM or does it just look like plain green. Why don't you try the Army Legal Services, they can't see what is in front of their faces even when a cases is clearly black or white - their advice comes back a shade of grey
I only have so many ribs Noel Coward...

How about a response from someone who doesn't feel the need to verbally gratify themselves provide some constructive advice..

And for the record, yes I do have colour perception just not enough to pass Ishara or lantern test.
(Jesus only wept when you were born... was a sorry day for all humanity at that time..)
Seriously RDD is this a question that you have asked in the ACIO. Those blokes will know the entry standards and options available. Punters on this site will only be able to give their best guess or opinion. Go to the authorities on the issue but you may not like their answer.


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You could probably become a Military Clerk. You will work all hours God sends, you will have the sh1t ripped out of you all the time, you will be hated and abused because APC Glasgow are cr@p, but at least you will be warm and dry!
Being CP4 myself I saw how thin the options sheet was. Thicknition is not going to be one of your options, if you join the sigs then all apart from that and telemech I think. Its not really that much of a problem just makes walking in the dark on ex a bit of a bitch, those f ing trucks just vanish
As CP4 your best bet is try going for a VM in the REME, good quals, good prospects if your half intelligent.
I am suffering similar problems my oldest is making choices for GCSE etc and has just been told he is a 'deutan' we thought this might be useful in this modern starwars era. Unfortunately it means he is CP4 and now I don't seem to be able to get any information as to what the possible available trades open t him should he join will be. (He wishes to go for a commision) HELP!!! Sad old sarge trying to help his boy :cry:
The ACIO's should be able to help you out with what is available, like I said before most of the trades are ok about your colour vision.

jockster said:
As CP4 your best bet is try going for a VM in the REME, good quals, good prospects if your half intelligent.
Try IS Eng in the Sigs, unless you want to be a spanner monkey. :lol:
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