CP jobs abroad but not necessarilly hostile environments

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by parasigs, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Im in the process of leaving the mob after 9 years in sigs, 5 of them with the para sqn. I was thinking of going into c.p after completing the comms course course with Phoenix. Anyway, are there jobs in cp abroad but not the obvious two hotspots(although im not ruling these out!) and what would be the best cp course to do? And would a course combined with my comms experience make me any more valuable/employable? I know this is quite broad but any advice....

  2. There are CP jobs all over the world matey, even well paid ones in UK.

    To be legit in UK now you also need to have done the security service type nvq arrse toffee course, the same one bouncers do.

    The best courses to do you can't do, anything else is a question of you pays your money you takes your choice.

    To be fair with your background your inf skills should be tip top and if you own a suit, can read and write, haven't got tattoos on your face, neck or hands, havn't got a hair trigger, mental health issues or an ASBO somebody will give you a job as is I'm sure.
  3. Have you not considered going to the same places but using your sigs knowledge?

    Glut of CP operators out there at present, sigs and int with sy clearances harder to come by and better paid for less risk.

    And, surely with your background, you must know plenty of people who have been there and done that? Get on the old boy network.
  4. Cliff - good advice.

    Parasigs have you flipped through the threads on this Forum titled 'Task or Phoenix' worth a view mate, to get you started
  5. Cheers for the info lads. Very much appreciated. Do know blokes working in sigs in Iraq and Afghan but dont fancy being stuck in an ops room! It is safer in hostile environments than psd which is why im starting to look at cp in non hostile gaffs.
  6. Hi parasigs,

    I am in a similar position to you mate however I am looking for ops room type work in Iraq/Afg. When are you on the comms course with phoenix? I spoke to them some time ago and the course was being advertised but not running yet. Spectra run the same course and ive heard tjhe phoenix course is based on that. Do you know anything about this and if so which is supposed to be better.


  7. Wrong.

    Appropriate CP course, if accredited is all thats needed, along with a First Aid at Work qualification; to apply for a CP license.

    Bouncers do not need to do an NVQ either for that matter.

  8. Thanks for the correction, but did you not guess I wasn't using the official name for the course?

    I haven't done it myself, don't want or need to, just pointing out to the chap it's a tick in a box he needs for the legit civvy circuit in UK.

    Thankfully there always seem to be those with loads of CP experience and expertise on hand in arrse to set us all right.
  9. :thumright: Yeah I was on top of the NVQ part - mainly meant the bit referencing bouncers.

    Though many 'door supervisors' do think they are all singing, all dancing "I can do anything cos I'm a doorman, innit" bodyguards.