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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exrnmedic, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Very flash website, but looks like a lot of phots lifted from other sources.
    Don't know anything about the company, but woud be dubious about any firm with a mobile phone number as their main contact.
    Only my opinion, could be the best company ever.
  2. But the WHOIS on the domain tells a different story. By the way the First address, the one thats listed on the website is very close to Gilesgate Community centre Durham! So that will be where he has his courses.

    the WHOIS says

    Domain name:
    Registrant type:
    UK Sole Trader
    Registrant's address:
    DH6 5JS

    they also appear to be affiliated with the FBI :p
  3. This is the picture that tells the story,



    Is Mr Shortt in the house?
  4. No I very much doubt it, but i have to be the branch officer on this one, 5 miles ish in a straight line to where he runs the courses from where I live (till i leave for basic)
  5. Looks like they were set up on 20/10/2008, and would appear to be a husband and wife team working near Durham (Willington), but registered with a fancy London business address. Looks like it's not their first bodyguard training company. Hmm...
  6. Mr Tombs may well be a wholly legitimate operator in the field, but I would certainly advise him to lose this piece of artwork on his website:


    ...if he intends to be taken seriously.
  7. In a word; B0ll0cks.
  8. I like their underwater Security cse...40 mts without a decompression stop......you would be more bent than Jarrod.....at 40 mts you have approx 10 mins bottom time...not a great time to do an inspection.
  9. Is this shortt's main rival?
  10. Sherburn Road...the Gaza strip of the North East. It makes Hartlepool look like Dubai.
  11. The beret, the BERET!....another eBay purchase perchance?

    Is this the first showing of the Marquis of Durham, when do we see the pictures of the bling and the daft kilts??

    Should someone send him an e-mail asking for his service number???

    On Ops with a capture terrorist and takes his lid along for a
    the photo????...........FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  12. Especially the one from the Brit Embassy Defence Attache, where PBA "went on to train all the British Embassy drivers in Close Protection techniques."

    Sorry Mr Paul A Mc***** but you might want to refer to someone above your payscale before tasking an outside civvie agency for CP training for your drivers (locally employed or not) rather than RMP CPU.

    F*kin walts.

    edit for mongness