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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me or are these people f**ked up, leaving the army and going to iraq as a civilian voluntarily, getting killed just for a fast buck.

    F**ked up or what??????????? 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  2. Stay in the army and you are going to end up out there, I may be wrong but I dont think there has been as many civilian contractors killed as there have been servicemen and women. Plus theres the money side of things too, the big money days may well be over but it is still plausible to earn £200 a day, where can you get that in Civ Div? An infantry Pte certainly doesnt get anywhere near that amount and yet if he completes his re-settlement with a decent CP training provider then it is quite feasible for him to be earning that sort of money.
  3. Is it really worth it money is not everything, your health is quite importan. if you are going to Iraq/Afghan would it not be better to with the support of the British Army as appose to the support of armour group - they have no attack planes or RA :(
  4. Oil industry for one

    my best mate, 24, 4 yr degree and brings in 200 a day, there are guys in the office (highly experienced to be fair) but they bring in upward of £1000 a day for a 9 to 5!

    ok maybe not exactly jobs that ex riflemen/mortarmen/guns etc etc are going to be able to walk into but oil will pay big bucks for blokes willing to work offshore 2 weeks on 2 weeks off!

  5. Don't have current, or composite statistics, but when involved in this line of business a little while back, I dealt with as many civ as mil bodies. They just don't get reported.
  6. Takes your chances dont you, could argue sitting in the top floor of the World trade centre on the morning of 9/11 was a pretty chushy number. Ok Private Security get paid that kind of money for the extra risk and the danger but you could get hit by a bus tomorrow

  7. When i had to collect a tooth brush to use to id the bodies of four civ cp to help identify the bodies, the others in iraq were leaving in thier droves - is the money worth it. would their experience not be best suited helping get rid of the insurgiants. Money is not everything, what is more important is helping the people we used to fight shoulder to shoulder with
  8. There's a job offer on at the minute from a reputable company in Iraq doing the convoys, £130,000 for a 48 week contract. Yes you're right the money isn't everything, however that's a lot of money to turn down.
  9. Not after an argument just curious as to what made people tick not that anyone was arguing :?
  10. Mate of mine has just returned from Baghdad black tour. He said he was on the same, if not more than the civvie contractors.

    I agree with NFS on the back up issue, if you're on an RMP Black team and the sh*t hits the fan you've got a full Battle Group coming after you. If you're working for Armour Group or similar you've got nothing. Working in Basra near the HQ of one of the teams (can't remember the name) i saw a few Landrovers brought in. Bulletholes and bloodstains but no publicity. And TBH, having met some of the guys working for that team the were a proper clownshoes organisation. Defo rather lose a couple of hundred a month working a Black tour than take the chances.
  11. Waht is a RMP Black team for the old and gray haired ones then.
  12. FDJ, CP teams do two different tours, a 'Green' team with a Coy, which is just like a regular deployment with LSA, or a 'Black' team, which is sponsored by the FCO and receives substanial FCO pay on top of their Army wage.
  13. Thanks for that, obviously out o date by 19 years, sh-t am i that old
  14. Live life thats what I say. What is there to look forward to in later life other than pissing your pants, food through a straw, retirement and death. Whilst perhaps there for money isn't it the thrill we joined for.

    Remember the old days of free fall para courses, absailing, top roping and all the other funky arse shite the army has forgotten.

    Look at the 160 poor ******* lost in this war. RIP them all, but I'd rather have a choice, be paid and not take orders from a Lt if my life is on the line.

    Anyway - each to our own dude.
  15. i worked for said company for a year on convoys and its $130,000 dollars not pounds ( about 75,000 pounds ) and it was 8 weeks on 4 weeks off
    i flew out to baghdad with 10 other blokes and 12 months later there was only 3 of us still alive , only because we had moved on to other companies in that year we lost 16 expats dead and god knows how many locals nationals also the amount of guys whos lost limbs i only moved on because i got injured during a bad contact and i decided to move on to a CP contract , i shit you not we got hit almost everytime we left camp some times 3x times a day and it was wasnt a case of shoot and skoot , they stayed and fought us , so anyone thinking of doing convoys its not for the faint hearted