Coy/Sqn Messes

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Whats the rules on this or where do I look?

    My location contains another Coy/Sqn of our regt shares our location, we don't have a mess with the remainder of our Coy/Sqn. Some of us would like that.

    I've sort of been asked to stick my neck and organise a 'mess' meeting and also been told it isn't a mess meeting so it doesn't matter.

  2. I seem to remember that Queens Regs gives guidance on a Sgts Mess. I believe it just says that all Sgts must belong to a Mess, so if one exists in your Regiment (wherever it is located) and you are paying subs, then you are complying.
  3. It's all, or may not be, in a name.

    QRs state that Sgts and Offrs should belong to one and only one mess to which they pay subs. This, in most independent TA units, is their Unit mess.

    Most TA centres have a variety of Offr, WOs & Sgts and ORs 'messes'. These are not messes at all but are recognised officially as clubs. It is in the grant of the fund manager/OC for the appropriate sub unit, location or fund to define the rules, membership and any subscriptions for these 'clubs'.

    Normally they will follow the mess rules of the parent unit. Where 2 or more groups use the same facilities the rules should be set by agreement between the relevant OCs.

    Persons eligible for membership of these 'clubs' do not have to join them nor to pay subs in addition to their unit subs; if they refuse to pay, however, they have no right to use the facilities of the club and can be refused entry.

    Best thing in your case Polar is to speak with your OC & SSM. It is ultimately up to them to sanction any separate club.
  4. I think I need to speak to our RSM so I don't step on anyones toes.

    I think this will be a case of everyone paying up front and not calling it a mess/club function!
  5. Who do you share with Polar?
  6. our HQ
  7. Won't it be a bit expensive and seem petty if you have 2 messes in the same location? Not the best use of space either.
  8. Not really we used to have Sqn mess @ one location and another combined HQ Sqn and other Sqn mess @ another location. However the two sqns have recently merged, with both seperate messes remained, so our sqn doesn't have a combined mess.

    Some people have suggested we have a function or two to promote unity (but we have no mess comitte etc). I doubt anyone would like to incur extra costs (and make everyone a member of 3 messes = location, subunit and regt)
  9. Not really. Typically, the profits from the bar go towards the Coy fund.

    Splitting the profits between two Coy funds sounds easy, but you run the risk of people complaining that it "isn't fair how the profits are split"; the easiest way to avoid this is to run two separate bars, if you've got the space.

    "Platoon/Troop funds" are all very well, if they're run with proper accounts and audits; running them informally is a recipe for disaster, perhaps even Court Martial....
  10. I'd understand if it was 2 different cap badges in the same location. But if its 2 units from the same cap badge and reg then surely it'd be better if everyone just shared the same mess. By having 2 messes then surely you'd just foster an element of "us and them" in the same unit. Not good, even by Sigs standards.
    Surely if you didn't want to speak to someone from HQ then you drink in another part of the room.
    Personally, I'd enjoy watching the button-holing post ex. The money spent on creating another mess could be better spent on improving the current one or doing something else decent.
  11. we have three and i wouldn't have it any other way.
  12. Wench, I'm not suggesting that. In barracks we are part of that mess and wouldn't want it any different.
    What I think we are after is a 'mess lite' no bar, no direct bills etc and only works when the Sqn/Coy is together on weekends or camps. We would borrow money from either of the two messes for functions and bills get placed on the normal mess bill.
    Its more about uniting the new sqn than creating a division with existing messes (plus it'd give early exposure to working in a bigger mess)

    p.s. what is the course the treasurer should attend? I thinks its at Worthy Down.