Coy HQ to move or not

A question for all, my situation I am a Det Comd rank Lt and am now finding myself under constant pressure from my HQ to become the Training Officer of our Coy, sounds good yeah, but I do not drive, my Det is local to me, walking distance, thats why I am there its locality to me, Coy HQ is 15 - 20K from my home.

Coy HQ will not pay for taxi`s or train fare, only at the basic mileage rate which will in the end cost me a fair bit.

Is it me or is it the norm to expect someone who has no easy way to get to HQ to take up a position there, or is it just my fucked up Coy.

Your suggestions fellow arrsonians.
IMHO the best job in the ACF is DC - being able to mould your cadets into better young people, getting to know them individually and having a laugh on the way. It would be totally wrong of your OC to force the TO job upon you. He would only do so if he had lost sight of the fact that you're a volunteer - not a pawn in a chess game. Think how time-consuming it is to recruit and train adults: the OC is not really in a position to lose a long-serving, experienced DC like you so stick to you guns - REFUSE TO DO IT!
Coy HQs really should be quite mobile, there isn't really any reason for it to be in one set place. Ask if the CC would mine coming to see you! Country Bumpkin, that's not an unfamiliar story. Though I have to say, is there really a need for a company 2ic? Our CTO is the company 2ic, it doesn't really make much sense having a 2ic, as all that work is covered by the CTO!
Tsar_Nikolas my old son - no need for both a TO and 2IC at all, I totally agree. Blankshire ACF (an assumed name, my real County is hidden for security reasons lol!) used to have 6 Companies but now has only 4.

We had to downsize because one of my former Commandants was very liberal when handing our Majors crowns - it subsequently transpired we had far too many Majors so the new Commandant axed some Company Commanders. The result was a lot of former Majors, now Captains again, so we had to invent some unusually titled jobs for them - one them being Company TO.
Cheers guys, good to know others have been in the same situation, good advice country_bumpkin will give that angle a go!
Downsizing the county. Now thats familiar!! After one of our companies got the chop :( there were all sorts of random positions available to officer types, MTO for example, for a fleet of 4 vehicles in total!!! How he must pass the time away washing and refuelling over and over....


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Get a motorcycle. It will improve your life in so many ways!
If i had a motorbike, something nice an R1 maybe, I would have it for one week only 5 days looking and dribbling, i day polishing it, then go out on sunday and probably crash and get killed, but good idea or maybe a road legal quad, good also for trg areas.

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