Coxless pairs win

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by plunderer, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Our girls' coxless pairs win GOLD!!!!

    One is an Army officer, the other is a PE teacher.

    No chavs there then.

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  2. "Our Girls"?
    Are you a ****ing Sun journo??
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  3. Shouldn't that be the cockless pairs?

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  4. Bloody brilliant row as well. Led from the start and just kept stretching the lead.
  5. To fit and very fit young ladies.

  6. Yes - I bum em both. On duty maybe a bit difficult with the officer, espically was the orderly officer for the day. However, congratulations nice to see the army leading from the front again, shame the government cant do the same.
  7. Nicely done...
  8. No but there is a porno in the making...
  9. Just to even it up the women skulls 4 were last.

  10. Well done Girls, but shouldn`t that photo be in the cameltoe thread!!!
  11. It is...

  12. They were last in the final, therefore 6th overall.
  13. Great to see THREE flags lined up - ALL with the flag of the union on them.

    tac, proudly at least 1/8th British
  14. Women in the Army?

    The very horror.

    Well done Ma'am.
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  15. No Sir, just proud of something British you will never achieve in your 10,000+ post-riddled life.

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