Cowboying It!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Easymeister, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Is there anything green string can't do?

    We are always told to have 50m in our webbing and invariably there is a ball of the stuff in your side bins of your wagon for that trusty bdr bodge.

    I always thought that it was indestructable until a little incident on tour.

    Whilst refitting a winch to the CRARRV and winching in the rope, the recy mech managed to snap the shackles holding the pilot and main rope together. With no spare shakles in the system, I decided to attach said ropes together with green string.

    Worked a treat until 4 turns around the capstans the bloody stuff snapped to my dismay, and that of my recy mech boss. Kept me busy all night and had to dip my hand in pocket for a few beers for the recy mechs.

    Anybody done better cowboy jobs than that?
  2. Last job prior to posting a long time ago was a 2500 service on a B81 (430 petrol PP). All regular tasks were complete but the ex manifold was loose! Ofcourse as I tightened the nuts most sheared. I was in a rush and just didn't have the inclination to do the stud extraction thing. Brilliant thing is araldite...Glued the manifold to the head and glued the sheared nuts/studs back on. The beast is probably a hard target in BATUS now.
  3. a brave bodge indeed!! made me smile anyway, if it had of got round the capstans ok id have love to have seen your face as it was laying on the storage drum tho!!

    out of interest was it a little fumble going thru the fairlead that caused the initial breakage!!?
  4. you should of seen the look on the recy mechs face when i told him what i had done
  5. was it like this?

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  6. As an Ac tech never got the pleasure of "creative engineering" in service. The Class ones tended to get a bit doubtful about oversigning any of my more inventive ideas. So had to take that streak out on cars over the years.

    Fave to date was an old BMW2500 (old L reg) I had for a while. RWD with a rubber mounted centre prop bearing. Poor old thing failed its MOT cos the rubber was perished to the point that you could push a finger through it and a new bearing / mount was around £150.

    One pushbike inner-tube, one large tube of superglue and a liberal coating of smooth underseal later, car passed MOT & went on for another 18 months with regular ton plus trips up & down the M5. Mind, when it DID fail made one hell of a mess of the floorpan :oops:
  7. Krefeld mid 1980s there was a local dodgy car dealer in town.

    Some of his more outstanding bodges on cars sold to squaddies at the time.

    First one was the drivers footwell had rotted away so he replaced it with a sheet of plywood covered with underseal on the bottom and a nice set of new rubber floor mats.

    Then there was the piston head with hole burnt in it. Quick cover over with a thick piece of tinfoil and away you go.

    Another was the gearbox stuffed full of grease and sawdust.

    Mind you he did sell the cars very cheap and a few of them passed the BFG with no problems!!
  8. H_J, you probably had to fix that Mk 1 432 in Minden that I creatively fixed the ex manifold on!!!
  9. Not one of 4 ARMD FD Amb MK1's ?
  10. Whilst in Minden we at the Queens had to give a 432 Mk1 to our dear old chums over the bridge, the out came the pack to be serviced, and I took the time to clean every bit of oil from the pack bolts and mounts, including 5th mounting, and loctite them in just so they wouldn't fall out, must have been emotional on exercise :twisted:
  11. No mate it was the Queens, 2nd Bn. It seems like there was a few of us on here that were there. 87-90 for me
  12. Not mech and totally disastrous but funny all the same, i remember an old dn181 tracker radar which only functioned due to the yardage of "pink string" that was employed to bypass all the safety interlocks, EMERs are useful you see! they practically encourage you to shortcut stuff. Its no shock we are so resourceful seen as the raggys would never give you fu(k all and all you had was your expense stores to fix stuff with!
  13. I knew a bloke who would only fit 2 bolts to the FIP drive of a CV12 cos he couldnt be arrsed!

  14. There's a certain WO with a REME Recruiting mob who famously neglected to replace all but two of the CVR(T) turret ring bolts with "hilarious" results.

    The cries of "Ah say, 'ow did that 'appen?" were heard the length of the tank park, allegedly.
  15. i dont see how that even lasted run up in the pack section if that was the case!! recipe for disaster!!!

    if they even ran it up of course!! :roll: