Cowboy Builders

New series on now. Some complete bastards out there, I came a cropper myself once and have shyed away from getting any work done again.

A mans house is his Castle! Apparently the cowboys most of the time never end up being taken to task.

Any stories (or tips!)

Cracking site lads/lasses.
Big Pete Tanner
I like builders who give a very good idea of what it will cost in total, allowing you move money accordingly. My last major building work, the builder bought all the major structural materials, brought to site and started work, he asked for a third of the money after the first weeks work was done, second week he needed a plumber and a leccy, and another roofer, he had bills to pay, we paid the 2nd of two thirds the bill, end of week 3, all snagging done, we paid the final 3rd.

At all points he was approachable, I asked him not to fit a flat fire door as it wouldnt match the others, he replaced it with a six panel job and showed me the refund he got and for it, and how much more expensive the new one was, I paid the extra.

He gets paid, Im a happy bunny.
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