Cowards & Whining Shirkers Who Couldnt Hack It

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by maninblack, May 1, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I had a look this week on the local website where various early to mid twenties adult instructors from the ACF where whining about when a training weekend will be organised so that they can play soldiers without the cadets being around.

    Sadly the thread was locked before I coul d respond.

    With the exception of those who could not join up for physical reason, whom I respect for their input i say.


    MiB Out (who is sick of dealing with cowards and spineless Walts)
  2. The ACF is a fine organisation, with a excellent purpose.

    Like every organisations (Including the Regulars) there are the wrong sort of people who get involved, they will be weeded out in time.

    The cadet movement was started in 1859, so it can cope with a few knockers... :wink:
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    True, but most of the biggest "knockers" are 20 year old "Sergeants" and I use the word loosely.
  4. all under 21 would be PI's, even if they were allowed to join younger ;-)

    I have even heard the term Corporal Instructor being bandied around, but not sure if it's a good idea :?:

    I do wish there was a better way to reward the hard working AI's.

    Say, a SI who has done numerous courses, might even be a det commander. his award is the same as the newly joined PI, even though the SI is worth a lot more to the ACF.

    I'm even in favour of breaking the rank and pay.

    So the above mentioned SI could receive the same pay, as say a Lt and the Lt, who has let all their qualifications run out (SB, FB, FA, FMT600) rarely turns up, could be paid the current SI rate.

    That way the 'workers' could be rewarded and the shirkers wouldn't...

  5. As an X ACF instructor I think that this is a good idea. the Pay for the avrage SI could be droped and then the diffrance made up with qualifications pay.

    ie. The SI who has been in donkies years but never realy done anything but turn up to the minimum number of days would be payed a little less than the enthusastic SI who had gone on all the courses, and was a qualified Driver, AT Instructor, Range Officer, PTI, First Aid Officer, ect ect.

    The idea of PI being replace with Cpl Inst is rediculas and never likely to happen. PI is Potentual Instructor, they are in training and can't even teach a lesson without supervision form a qualified AI.
  6. Ah so we are now getting to the root of it now MONEY. If your in it for the money then leave and get a job as you joined for the wrong reasons. Its a VOLUNTARY organisation but the true colours are now showing. If youve done more (free) courses than the next person then well done, you'll have more opportunities than the shiney arse, wear it.

    Good AI's dont mention pay, the ones in it for themselves do.

  7. I couldn't agree more, voluntary means you don't get paid. I can understand claiming back travel expenses etc... but paying ACF instructors for the amount of courses they've been on? If that was the case every instructor with half a brain would be doing every course going in order to maximise their earnings this would mean more of the budget for the ACF going to instructors rather than being spent on training.
  8. Was it just so they could have a bit of a laugh? Or was it to enable them to teach infantry skills to their cadets better? If it was the former than yes that is a bit off
  9. Army Cadet Force not the Adult Cadet Force

    Fair one?
  10. :lol: harsh, as I said I think we need to understand the reasoning behind the weekend first
  11. don't forget the pay isn't great for AIs but it covers loss of wages if you take time off from work, its mostly unpaid, the pay is a lot lower than a TA/Reg wages and we only get 28 days of it.
  12. I agree totally with MIB.
  13. As MiB intial rant inplies there are a good strong pool of 'Young' Adults and Officers who in most cases are ex-cadets with little or no regular/TA experience who do really really want to play army and do use cadets as a mean of getting thier 'fix'
    I have been on many exercises which have little or no training value, where an oppertunity to practise cadets in battle skills have been hijacked to provide Adults with fun.
    An example been recently of a Cadet section was set up in an ambush position, waiting for the enemy, the young commander of that exercise and his regular army SGT friend came into the killing group, TOOK the LSWs of the two senior cadets manning them and touched off the ambush when the time came firing every single bit of ammo that was allocated (3 mags each) then left the killing group. Imagine yourself as the 2 15/16 year old 3 star cadets who had those guns took off them?
    This is not the norm, but an example that can happen when young adults are given too much rope. in that case the person in charge of that training was just left to 'get on with it' mainly because the higher command had no interest in what went on or how it went on, just that something did happen.
    There are many out there like this but I must stress that they are in the minority and I have been in the ACF for a long time and seen different Counties, there are a vast amount of good quality Instructors who always put the Cadets well being and enjoyment first.
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The reason behind the weekend was so he could play soldiers for the entertainment value.

    My rant is really about the vast number of young, inexperienced, immature, unintelligent characters who have been allowed to join as "adults"

    I have met a small number of young ex-cadets who have become credit to the ACF and are a great stabilising influence on the cadets however there are also the majority who shout, threaten and bully because they want to be a big fish and they think that the army is based on shouting and abuse.

  15. Too true sadly, last year on an acf annual camp I was a platoon commander. One of my kids came up to me at the end of the week and said "Sir, I've never heard you shout at us this week, why not?"