Cowardly Police?

Is it true the police stood by for 2 hours waiting for a scuba team whilst a young girl was underwater in an air bubble in a crashed car??? ( She died tonight)

No one would like to do their job but do I detect a yellow streak? What would possess a grown man to be able to stand by whilst a girl of five was allowed to remain underwater for two hours ....just because of some arse-hole declaring.."can't go in there sonny, against 'elf & safety!"

Where's your minerals lads???


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Don't panic about getting replies soon. It will take them a while to think of something to say in mitigation along with all the usual platitudes.
how did you know there was an air pocket?
Are you getting outraged over this incident perchance?

The silver Vauxhall Vectra went into the river at Boat Lane in Hampton Ferry, near Evesham, on Thursday morning.

West Mercia Police had to call in divers from the neighbouring Avon & Somerset force to carry out the rescue. The divers travelled from Gloucester and arrived after 97 minutes.

Once there, they took 12 minutes to free Gabrielle from the submerged silver Vauxhall Estate car.

Police divers had to travel from Gloucester to rescue Gabby

West Mercia Police said its own officers could not carry out a rescue because of the risk that would have posed to them.
offog said:
how did you know there was an air pocket?
The girl was brought out alive after 2 hours. How else do you think she survived.....grew a set of gills??? And no... it wasn't due to ice and severe cold keeping her in suspended animation.
The obvious points are:

They had no way on knowing if she was still alive and in the car.

A bungled rescue could have let the air out but left her still trapped, drowning her.
NO, how do you know there was an air pocket in a submerged car when you are looking at it form the surface, X-ray vision?
It took police divers 12 minutes to rescue the girl, no doubt they were wearing diving gear complete with air tanks. There's no mention of the river conditions ie currents temperature etc.

Could you hold your breath for 12 mins?

No I'm not a copper.
Did anyone check to see if anyone inside vehicle,if not why not?
If "no one would like to do their job" why did they sign in the first place?
It's like signing up for the Armed Forces, then saying "I can't shot someone because of the pain they will suffer."
H&S should have nothing to do with a situation like that at all,BUT!.
one thing if you could see the car.
but if you arrive on the scene can't see the car and its a fast flowing river .
wtf are you suppoused to do?
get a rope and get the gulliable/brave Pc to try think the average copper would give it a try if they thought there was a chance of success :cry:
Was the car two foot under the surface, or 20?

Without more info I'm not getting outraged, or defending the coppers either.
The real twat in all this is the father of the kids who tried to kill them in the first place

A girl who was inside a car being driven by her father which plunged into a river in Worcestershire has died.
Mr Grady, 41, has been charged with attempted murder. Police said it was now a murder investigation.
It's shit though. 97 minutes? The boxheads could teach us a thing or two. They make us look like fcukin amateurs in these matters. We run everything on a fcukin shoestring and expect it to be brilliant. Poor bludy kid.
Appreciate some outrage, but knowing the area, you would seriously have to be nuts to go into the water there , strong currents and pretty deep, used to launch small boats from there for canoeing and fishing , R.I.P. the lass.
First of all: it's tragic the kid died. And I hope the father, who was responsible, spends many years as cell-bitch to the Daddy of his local HMP.

As to the inaction of the police officers, I will wait until someone with specialised knowledge can say wether or not it would have been possible for officers without scuba equipment and training to have rescued the bairn from an airpocket. Without placing her(and themselves)in even greater danger.
jimmys_best_mate said:
First rule of casualty drills is not to become a casualty yourself...
Very valid point,

IIRC this has a stark reminder of when there was public outrage a while back in relation to PCSO standing by a frozen lake, the article is on here somewhere,

"It’s barmy, we’ve lost sight of what the emergency services are for. They are there to help people. I am quite emotionally angry about this.

“Damn being a PCSO, what about being a human being? For the senior officer to say this was appropriate is unbelievable.”

Yesterday, David Blunkett, who introduced PCSOs as home secretary, said he would have hoped that they would have let basic human concern for others override instructions not to enter the water. “What was appropriate in these circumstances would be appropriate for PCSOs as human beings,” he said.

I fully understand how the public get outraged in ref to incidents such as these tragic events but how on earth are the personnel involved on the scene expected to know the conditions to even 'attempt' any kind of rescue?
How long was the car in the water before the police arrived? I would think that the divers were looking for bodies not survivors.

Ever stuck your head in a river and seen more than a foot? Ever jumped onto cold water and tried to swim? How effective would you be after 5 minuets in cold water flowing water?

One of the car programmes did an experiment into the best way to get out of a car that is submerged in water. They found that if you waited for the car to fill up before opening the door the pressure out side was greater that inside and you would not be able to open the door. On entering the water, but not submerged, you still could not open the doors. The only method was to open the windows, but this also caused problems as the inrush of water stopped you getting out.
In fairness, Beemer, I think the incident with the PCSO's was different; the child was not in a car, for a start.
Werewolf said:
In fairness, Beemer, I think the incident with the PCSO's was different; the child was not in a car, for a start.
Point taken, Every situation is different all the same

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