Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lower_Jumper, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. When we parachuted into the invasion of Panama, the stick pusher on my bird was Staff Sergeant Muhar. He chickened out of the jump and flew back to Bragg. He left his infantry squad to fend for themselves in the middle of combat. We all jumped on a red light so I'm guessing he was transferred to HQ instead of getting the boot because there wasn't a green light.

    Anyhow, we terrorized him when we got back. We even made up running cadences - where is your jump star, mu-har?!

    Any witnessed acts of cowardice during your service?
  2. only my own, but I was a Crab so what would you expect*?

    *I didn't tell the big butch WRAC to f**k off when she caught me dancing with her girlfriend - I should have got LMF for that, but I didn't want to die at the time
  3. In the middle of a 'boat race' a team member refused to finish his pint as he felt sick. Reprehensible, he should have been marched in for it.
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  4. Now this may seem like a stupid question, but does not a red light mean don't jump? I am just asking, because I am now not sure if in the US red means stop.
  5. Correct. Red light means don't jump. This was combat so we didn't care. We all jumped on a red light.
  6. I bottled it when I had the shits and needed to fart once!
  7. Say if a "Stop Drop" was called would you still keep jumping?
  8. Hmm, so you could have quite easily parachuted into the wrong area then and cocked up the mission. Now I know why the USAF pilots took out some Brits even though they had visual* and electronic identification and were told by AWAC controllers they were British.

    * The yanks thought the Brits had Orange missiles! Who the **** takes orange missiles into combat?
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  9. I didn't realize there were so few combat veterans in the UK. This conversation wouldn't be unusual in the U.S. We have a lot of combat experience.

    I don't mean to be disrespectful and trolling.
  10. Why doesn't that surprise me.
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  11. Who's in the UK?
  12. I didn't realize there were so few combat veterans in the UK.

    edited to add - mong entry because I hit the wrong button - I'm not agreeing with the OP
  13. Better add us 'Colonials' to your list.
  14. I suppose the combat vets mostly originate from the United States.

    If you euros have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  15. Depends how you define 'veteran' - when I worked with the USAF in Berlin the lad next to me got the Occupation of Germany and Liberation of Kuwait medals making him officially a veteran of WW2 (with all the benefits) and a vet of Desert Storm, even though he was thousands of miles away which rather puts the Article 5 pizza eating medal to shame.

    And don't get too umpty, this is Arrse, the real combat vets try and make light of their actions, the rest of us also served who only stood and waited
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