Coward Police Chief FFS.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RancidFat, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Police chief moves home because he is 'nervous of confronting youths sitting on his garden wall'

    Teenagers have forced a police chief out of his home because the officer was too "nervous" to challenge the youths about sitting on his wall.

    Superintendent Wayne Mawson, who has a top job in London, is aged in his 40s and earns around £70,000, was worried about speaking to the teenagers.

    Instead Supt Mawson decided the best idea was to move out of his house in Hackney, East London.

    He admitted that the youths had made him nervous about returning home from his job as head of operations in Haringey - and confessed he had given in to them.

    What a w*nker, how can he possibly be a leader of men.
  2. Bet he was one of those choppers who signed up to the 'London's safe enough to leave your door unlocked' ballcrap.

  3. And today's 'To$$er of the Day award goes to..... [drum roll]........ Superintendent Wayne Mawson for being a spinless cnut!
  4. With that sort of leadership I am beginning to understand why the police always seem to take the easy way out at incidents, those they bother to attend of course. It's embarassing to say that I was a Met officer.
  5. have you the link to this story please?
  6. You're in London poppy, stick a flaming dog turd through this bloke's letterbox would you?
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Any links?

    I have the outraged bandwagon all checked over and gently ticking away ready to go
    I'll be ready to announce how many places are available shortly

    Book early - avoid dissapointment :D
  8. I'm not going to Hackney without a bodyguard :D maybe I could borrow Jacqui Smith's for the day?
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

  10. You're okay mate, says he's moving out of Hackney, probably to some nice leafy suberb. So how about it? I have a dog if you're short of 'ammo'. :twisted:
  11. I suppose if he's gone out and given them a clip rounfd the earhole yuo'd have been able to start a thread about Police Brutality. . It's not cowardly to be nervous, it's bliddy stupid not to be, perhaps the bloke was worried fopr his family and unfortunately ,knowing the way these yobs react to being told to move on, decided that the best thing was to move. Not really a story in my opinion.
  12. My bold, thread title would probably be 'About bloody time'. Joking aside I can see your point of view on this, his reward for telling them to do one would probably be multiple stab wounds. It doesn't set a good example to the general public when a supposed 'upholder of the law' caves in like this. I'm sure plod would have responded in double quick time if he had called them, protect your own and all that. This just smacks of defeatism to me.
  13. Youths sitting on your wall?

    Option 1 - Stick you head out of the window and yell "GET OF MY WALL OR START PAYING RENT!"

    Option 2 - Stick you head out of the window and yell "Can you please get off the wall!"

    Option 3 - Call the local nick and arrange a van load of coppers to snatch them and hold them under the anti terrorism laws.

    Option 4 - set up a secret camera and confront them, if they turn nasty, CS them, whip out your asp and go ape sh1t on them. Then put the footage on Youtube.
  14. From one copper to another....YOU SPINELESS T**T
  15. Having time to refelect on the matter, your man must be Billy No Mates if he can't get a car round to clear them off, let alone a ARV!

    Me thinks he must be getting 'expenses' to move before going long term sick with the stress of it whilst perfecting his drag queen act with a rubber python!