Coward or comedian

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. On the 17th of March someone / parties took it upon themselves to launch a cyber vendetta against me........ its quite possibly the lamest I have ever seen and up until now hasn't even been worth drawing attention to.

    The day the Kangaroo court started in the NAAFI someone started to loggin as Mighty Doh nut and Lord Flashert all over various Military forums over the internet.

    More disturbingly here as the entire website got a bit of a slagging

    There are a few others but the gist is the same, all very amatuerish and execptionally dull.

    Even more dull is there attempt at the face party membership in my name and the 'I'm a tosser webpage, put together by a chimp with no feet'


    Quick point though.... I'm only 32 and if I'd been a mortgage broker for 9 years and only earnt that I'd be topping myself or dressing up like a lady. A more through search would have given you that, instead of just typing my email address into Google and finding a profile elsewhere..... You in the SIB?

    All this tirade of dullness is apparently because I am offensive to women and a group of people have set out to put me in my place. Instead of having a set of balls and doing it here, they posted utter dribble with false loggins as myself, Flash and the rest of this site elsewhere on internet....... Brave fellas.

    Apparently I am a danger to women also.........

    I am the first to admit to being a gobsite and loving a windup... If you wanna stitch me up there are far better ways to do it......... Maybe the brave man will out himself here and lay tribute to his work and put me firmly in my place as is deserved. I personally don't think it will happen as Mr Gutless hasn't got the backbone to do it........ instead we will probably see lots of MDN posts all over the net.

    All I ask is the following:

    1)Any ladies I have offended (that don't deserve it) either PM me or post here

    2) Anyone who is a cyber geek PM me and I can give you some info given to me by the anonymiser outfit and a couple of IPs from joined email addresses. I feel that the gutless ponce will need to be outed rather than have the guts to admit to being an embarassing mess.

    3) Please don't go posting on the other forums, especially the 2 para one, contain the shite here, they don't need it, thier site isn't like this.

    I'm not pointing the finger yet......... that will come in time.

    Look at some of the posts on Arse from 22nd March, and compare some of the timings with posts on here.....

    I find it really sad that someone wants to pretend to be someone else because they are unhappy with thier lot......... Maybe the responses I imagine they will get will feel more at ease with what they really are.

    I am chuffed to fcuk that I managed to get under someones skin that badly there teddies went out the pram in such a gay fashion :D
  2. Whoever is doing it, have the gonads to own up. Frankly i cant see the point of starting an online vendetta if your not going to fight your corner.

    As MDN states in his closing paragraph, he's chuffed to fcuk that he got under your skin, your teddy went, he's already won.

  3. And it's not even the 1st of April until tomorrow....... Good luck
  4. So this is what an attention whore looks like........ :wink:
  5. MDN,

    You often ask,
    to "do" me "up the shitter"!
    But despite those requests,
    Really, I'm not bitter.

    Offensive? Never!
    You really are quite clever.
    Though the content of your prose,
    Is poo-ey tales & woes.

    If you make ARRSE Maidens cry,
    I have to ask "Well, why?"
    As we laydees with class,
    Sweetly say "Kiss my ARRSE!"


    Edited coz I originally wrote it at gone 04:00 & now I'm awake it scans better this way!
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'm all for ripping the p!ss out of each other on the net, even more so if it's the Do_Nut, but it really shows an utter lack of b0ll0cks to post kak then hide.

    If you want to take the mick out of anyone on site you have a perfectly good anonymous screen handle you can use, what's the point of putting this sort of stuff on other sites then scuttling off ?

    I'm sure some of the shrinks could work out that this anonymous poster has had a shitty childhood or some form of PTSD, but I reckon the person who's done this may have a physical problem rather than a mental one.
    My diagnosis is that he or she has a back problem.

    No fcuking bone in it.
  7. That stands out from a million miles away as being the work of the poster formally known as BB

    Same terminilogy, phrases, sentence structures, accusations of masoganism, bleating about upsetting "wimmin" etc, same hatred of you and Flash, the details published being the (wrong) ones that you gave her.

    Ties in nicely with your recent conversation via MSN with her as well where she did warn you that you'd get your come uppance.

    In order to assist you with this problem, I have sent her some recent photographs of you taken in Amsterdam. Once she sees what a fat useless knacker you have turned into, she'll immediatley sympathise with you and desist :D
  8. I don't think it is BB......... I sent her an email and got venom in return.

    Seems to dull and trivial and lacking in hatred to be her.....
  9. MDN I find you more offensive than a bottle of blue nun washed down with a litre of toilet duck 8)
    On second thoughts, possibly the toilet duck is more offensive, being a green bottle and of suspect origin..... :wink:
    If offensive to the eye, switch off thine link and do not read where it says, if offensive do not read.
    BTW I still think Bernie is more offensive with his face down on the keyboard vision of LNV snuffing it. But, still makes me laugh even now :wink: :wink: Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more :lol: :lol:
    Your a sick, sick, puppy MDN arent you????

    Added : Aunty, Just mentioned your first thoughts a few mins ago, suppose the fat troll made it back to the UK as a lump of beef dripping disguised as a scrag end?
  10. As stitch-ups go, it's pretty funny.

    But I agree with Cuts, if you're going to smack someone, do it to their face.
  11. Go for it Awol, its virtually painless ......
  12. You must have really pissed off someone!

    The faceparty profile is a bit lame, but still comical.

    If you need a hand catching them, try BFG900 or send me some of the details.

    I can set some of my computer geek slaves onto the trail! :D
  13. I sniggered.
  14. It wasn't me, before your start! It was probably Bernoulli.
  15. If its deemed amusing then fair shout, give them credit, but if thats the best a fella can do with the entire internet to play with I just thought it lame...

    I mean anyone can throw a face party thing together in two mins flat