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Covid vaccines - 'spectacular' impact on serious illness - BBC


Doesn't the chip turn us all into lizard people who will live under rocks rather than in housing so the Illuminati can save money to spend on George Soros?

Mr Icke? Or is it Mr Corbyn?

Got my 2nd Pfizer jab on the 28th.
About 3 weeks after that I fully expect to be turned into a weird version of a Cyber man.


Is that the look you wanted?

Your tongue will also get much longer.
Always a lady pleaser...


Is this the look @dingerr was hoping for?

On a serious not, are the anti vax throbbers still causing trouble? Is there any specific law against trying to interfere with someone's medical treatment?
are the anti vax throbbers still causing trouble?

They are only harming themselves. It’s best to treat them with indifference, provide the information and let people make the choice.

Some employers are already saying employees must be vaccinated, I think this will gain traction and become a workplace principle.

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