Covid Passports - Yay or ney?

Should we have have Covid passports?

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Arrived today, runs out by end of month and contains no more information than my credit card shows.
But before the Boris grr types get all excited it is NHS not HMG.
We have ID cards here in HK (as do many other countries) I don't see the issue, in fact it makes many things a lot easier.
The only thing that refutes science is better science. As things stand the science that we have is the best, and most accurate, available. I will far, far, more readily accept the current findings than that of a bunch of egotistic twats who think that 'their own research' on social media is somehow a plausible alternative. It isn't, and anyone who conducts their 'own research' (or thinks that they are 'exempt' @RoyalGreenJacket ) in that, or any similar, fashion is a fuck1ng moron.
Science is ostensibly about a search for truth and facts are often interchangeable and contradictory, so you give weight to them. But bad science exists and it exists to remove the contradictions by deleting the inconvenient.

So what you call 'better' should always be tested and challenged and 'following' something is not really testing anything and a vaccine every 12 weeks and in response to every variant is a logical fallacy.
facts are often interchangeable and contradictory

You misunderstand the word 'fact'.