Covid disinformation in the BAME community

Who gives a flying fook about any misinformation? As long as we have a government who are more interested in lining their chums pockets with dodgy PPE contacts, and spunking £34bn over a ladies pleasure machine (that has to be the reason why a Dildo was appointed in charge?), than making it mandatory to have the double jab on pain of exclusion from society.
Sorry, what page of BATCO was that sent with?
Sorry, what page of BATCO was that sent with?
He's referring to Dido Harding (of Talk-Talk fame), who l automatically associate with Boris Johnson's exact words when said the Government were taking over control of PHE (formally HPA), which were "Everything they touch turns to shit".

You may think that she has failed at every job. She is a very excellent asset-stripper. People say that she is a useful idiot. She exactly the person that I would put in, and she has, repeatedly, moved in to various roles with identical outcomes with financial outcomes, for some.

She is consistent, a known known, so to speak.
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