COVID-19 mobilisation

Anyone know who to contact ref volunteering. I live only 5 minutes away from a training camp and about 10 from the first one I was ever posted to. Fit and healthy and professional driver. Ex logistics.

Didn't you learn the 12th commandment," Never ever volunteer"
It comes right after the 11th commandment "Don't get caught"
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Is this why Biggles has stopped flying over my parents house.
They are getting ready to fly "in country" dropping supplies a bit like in 1984 in Ethiopia?

We need Bob & Midge to get a song going!


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I think we need a thread on this as it's a very fast moving situation out there and to the best of my knowledge nobody has actually been called up yet. However, I do know that certain units have been putting out the feelers to see who would be available at short notice if they need to mobilise people. Could a compulsory call-up be in the offing for certain units?
Thank goodness someone thought of creating one then.



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I imagine if the reserves are called up, it’ll be for an op temperer type scenario.

i.e. reservists will replace MOD Plod and Civil Nuclear Plod, so they can go off and do actual policing.

Obviously this is in addition to the usual stuff like driving tankers etc.

Either way I can’t wait for my medal.
9 supply and then attached to REME in Hampshire. 4 Fd, 9Fd, can’t remember.
Not you, Assassin

You should never admit to serving in 9 surprise.
It is likely that some elements will be trawled for, and potentially mobilised.

I can't disclose more via these means. For any Reservists, please ignore random posts on here, use defence gateway and normal comms with CoC.
is that because its so tip-top secret that we might need: med, logs, C2, Plans and FP?
if theres a BFT in the offing count me out I get breathless running a bath

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